Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Shipping Cremated Remains

Are you looking for Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ as a way to reconnect families during this difficult time. As an all-faiths funeral company with extensive experience in funeral customs, ceremonies, memorials and religious prayers, we can help you not only reunite families, but also perform burial rites specific to your religion or culture.

Shipping Cremated Remains

Death of a loved one can be hard to deal with. This scenario becomes even more complicated when the loved one who has left you has taken his last breath in another country. What should you do then? Well, most of you will opt for arranging for the dead body to get shipped, right? But what if for some reason that is not possible? 
Well, if such is the case then you will be glad to know that you have another option too. You can cremate the dead body in another country and arrange for the cremated remains to get shipped. Also, shipping the cremated remains is helpful when the person who has left, has wished for his ashes to be scattered somewhere else. 
But now the question is how are the cremated remains shipped? How does this process unfold? Well, worry not because at Bergen Funeral Service we can help you in figuring this out. So, here is how it goes! 

How to ship the cremated remains?

Now while shipping the remains, the first thing that one has got to consider is, whether you need to ship the cremated remains domestically or internationally. Answering this query is important because it will help you in deciding the carrier through which the cremated remains will be sent. So, if you are shipping domestically then the Priority Mail Express services can be used, while if you are sending the remains internationally then you might want to opt for the first class package international service. 
After the service is chosen, the packaging is the next step. While shipping cremated remains the ashes must be packaged carefully, according to the guidelines of the shipping service. This way you can avoid some trouble. Generally, the shipping services ask the customers to pack the remains in two boxes with lots of padding to ensure that the urn won’t break. Now the right funeral service can assist you in this task by choosing the perfect urn for you which will be strong and sift proof to avoid any possible damage. 
Next, after packaging, the funeral service takes care of the documentation process for shipping cremated remains. For that, they generally ask for copies of the death certificate, cremation certificate, and non-contraband affidavit. After getting the name, address, and contact number of the funeral home that will be receiving the remains, the ashes are shipped. Now in case, any concerns arise, then with the right funeral service by your side, you won’t have to care about a thing!

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