Monday, July 20, 2020

Cremation in NJ

Cremation in NJ

Are you looking for cremation in NJ? At Bergen Funeral Service Inc, we provide full crematory services for those who have wished this funeral process. Our funeral directors are very experienced and have provided traditional and contemporary cremation services in Bergen County, NJ and in New York City as well as our 2 locations in Queens, NY. We will treat every funeral service that we provide with dignity, respect and compassion because we understand that the passing of a loved one or family member is a very sorrowful time in our lives.

Cremation is a very popular funeral procedure which in 2015 this process rose to a surprising 48% and the numbers are expected at 56% in total funeral service this year.  We are expecting an increase of total cremations to be over 70% by 2030 according to the National Funeral Directors Association. We have noticed that the number of people choosing cremation services has increased significantly in the past few years in New Jersey, yet cremation is a long-standing tradition that remains largely unchanged.

The Types of Cremation Services Bergen Funeral Provides
Nowadays cremation has many options and these services are tailored to the individual needs of those who wish to be cremated. These cremation service can be very elaborate or simple depending on the parted wishes. If you have any questions or information on our cremation in NJ services during the Covid19 pandemic, please contact our funeral home.

Complete Cremation Service
Our complete cremation services the we provide includes full viewing within our funeral home chapels were floral tributes and photos and other media are used to personalize the funeral service, All of our funeral homes are equipped with state of the art video and sound to enhance the complete cremation service.

Immediate Cremation Service
Our immediate cremation services are for those whom do not request a full cremation service. This process is performed in our many funeral homes and the remains or ashes will be presented to the family. This cremation service is available for those who would like a simple and economically service either at one’s home or other memorable place.

Direct Cremation Service
Our direct cremation services is our most economical option for those who wish to be cremated. Direct cremation does not have a ceremony, viewing or memorial service. Our funeral directors will provide the family with the ashes of their loved one to either scatter, bury or keep the remains as the departed has wished.

For more information about Cremation Services in NJ, metro New York, or Naples, Florida call Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at (800) 262-7901.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Funeral Home in Queens

Funeral Home in Queens

Are you looking for a funeral home in Queens? Bergen Funeral Service has 2 locations in Queens NY that proves full funeral services. Our funeral home directors in Queens understands how difficult a loss can be, and approaches discussions regarding funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity. Whether you are in immediate need or questing pre-planning funeral services, our funeral directors will always provide compassion and professionalism when planning your funeral arrangements.

2 Convenient Funeral Service Home Locations in Queens, NYC
At Bergen Funeral Home we understand that having a local place that provides funeral services is important for the local community. Having the understanding and compassion for our client’s request when their loved one has passed has helped us succeed as a funeral home in Queens, NY.  Our funeral directors are experienced in providing full religious services, viewings, burial service, and immediate burial service within our 2 funeral homes in Queens which are conveniently located in Ozone Park, which is close to Bayside and Arcadia cemeteries. Our funeral directors are experienced in providing full religious services, viewings, burial service, and immediate burial service for those in Queens NY.

Funeral Chapel Services in Queens, NY
 Since both of our funeral homes in Queens, NY are located in Ozone Park we can provide the same funeral amenities as our other funeral locations. Our funeral chapels provide a tranquil setting with audio and visual capabilities that creates a truly unique memorial funeral service. Our state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment will provide wonderful memorial presentations to pay final respects and speak to a life cherished. provide both cremation services and burial service to fulfill the wishes of your loved one and family.

Domestic and International Funeral Shipping Services in Queens, NY
At Bergen Funeral Services, we provide both national and international shipping services in our 2 locations in Queens, NY. When you wish to transport a loved one to another state or country for a special cultural or spiritual ceremony, we provide domestically and international shipping. Bergen Funeral Service is referred to as ‘known shippers’, meaning we are authorized to provide funeral shipping. Since our funeral homes are closely located to both Newark International and JFK Airports we have a strong access to airlines, allowing us to quickly make proper arrangements for travel.

Our funeral directors will always provide patience, professionalism, and care with every memorable funeral service that we perform. For more information about our funeral home in Queens, call us today at (800) 262-7901.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Funeral Shipping

Are you looking for Human Remains Shipping in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers Human Remains Shipping in NJ as a way to reconnect families during this difficult time. As an all-faiths funeral company with extensive experience in funeral customs, ceremonies, memorials and religious prayers, we can help you not only reunite families, but also perform burial rites specific to your religion or culture. Our funeral home will use dedication and care to ship your loved one to their final resting place whether it's a domestic funeral, interstate funeral shipping or international funeral shipping.

Funeral Shipping
When you are indeed of funeral shipping services, Bergen Funeral Service will assist you both domestically as well as internationally. Since 1962 our funeral directors have helped many families transport deceased loved ones across all 50 states and inter nationality to European and other countries globally. We have a strong business relationship with major airlines and have help thousand of families transfer their departed loved ones each year.

At Bergen Funeral Home, we specialize in Domestic Funeral Shipping and  International Funeral Shipping services. Since our funeral shipping services  are TSA Certified Cargo Facility approved, our directors will provide screening for remains both nationally and internationally.

Domestic Funeral Shipping
When you need the remains of a loved one shipped anywhere in the Unites States, such permits, costs and scheduling can be extremely expensive and time consuming while planing the arrangements on your own. Most airlines and transportation services always recommend using a “known funeral shipper”.  Bergen Funeral services is well known with major airlines and we can ship anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Our domestic funeral shipping rates are very competitive and we take care of everything from permits, certificates and all funeral documentations. Bergen Funeral will relieve the stress involved when you need domestic funeral shipping services anywhere in the United States.

International Funeral Shipping
Bergen Funeral Service specializes in international funeral shipping services, we are a leading funeral home shipping provider in the Unites States. When you need the remains of a loved one shipped anywhere into the Unites States, our funeral directors have many years of experience and  have assisted  in shipping thousands of those departed annually. We have provided international shipping services to many European counties and have helped those in Italy, France, Poland, Ukraine and other nations.
Our funeral directors also have provided shipping services to India, Bangladesh, Egypt and nations located n Africa recently.   
Our international funeral shipping rates are very competitive and we take care of everything from international transport permits, certificates and all funeral documentations. Bergen Funeral will relieve the stress involved when you need international funeral shipping services anywhere into or out of the United States.

For more information about Human Remains Shipping in NJ by Bergen Funeral, call us today at (800) 262-7901.