Tuesday, July 16, 2019

International Funeral Shipping

Are you looking for International Funeral Shipping? At Bergen Funeral Service, we offer International Funeral Shipping for your loved ones.

Losing someone you love can be devastating for you and your family. During this difficult time, funeral arrangements can become tremendously strenuous especially when there are thousands of miles separating you from your family. At Bergen Funeral Service, we offer international funeral shipping to reunite families with their loved ones despite geographical barriers. 

Our funeral homes offer international funeral shipping to safely transport your loved one to their final resting place. We provide international shipping to Italy, France, Poland, Egypt, Africa, India, Bangladesh, Guyana, and The Philippines, and more. As “known shippers” our funeral directors work closely with the biggest international airports to ensure transportation to foreign country as seamless as possible. Our close relationships with these airlines often afford us with discounted rates that benefit the families we service. Our funeral directors are expertly trained in the logistics of transportation and will be able to ease any concern you or your family may have during this process. 

At Bergen Funeral Service we are inclusive of all religions and faiths, with extensive knowledge of various religious funeral customs, memorials, ceremonies, and religious prayers. Not only will we internationally ship your loved ones remains with compassion and the utmost care, but we will also carry out the funeral service specific to your family’s religion or cultural beliefs upon request. 

At Bergen Funeral Service, we take pride in being able to reconnect families during these unfortunate circumstances. Our focus is to ease the burdens of funeral preparations for both you and your family alike. We want to make this process as smooth as possible so that you can use this time to focus on your family. We dedicate our undivided attention to carrying out each service we provide so that you can rest assured that the funeral transportation will be completed without delay. 

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