Friday, February 26, 2016

Accidental Death Insurance in NJ

An accidental death affects more than the deceased. The entire family is left reeling from the sudden loss of a family member, and are often unsure how to proceed. The aftermath of a tragic loss is a confusing, stressful time for remaining family members - especially when faced with the many decisions that come directly following a death. Accidental death also carries with it financial decisions no family wants to make, especially in rigid financial circumstances. Accidental death insurance in NJ alleviates some of the stress associated with financing a funeral service and choosing a rest method. Experiencing an unexpected loss is extremely difficult on the heart, mind, and soul; we're here to assist you during your time of need.

Bergen Funeral has guided residents of New Jersey following a loss since 1962. As a long-residing funeral service provider and NJ residents, we strive to give each client the information they need to make informed decisions regarding death and following services. Accidental death insurance in NJ allows you to focus on healing while we prepare transportation of your loved one back home. We collect the necessary documents for a safe return, without headaches that can form after a death occurs away from home.

So what are the leading causes of accidental death? Many things can present a disaster, but nothing more so than motor vehicle collisions. More than 40,000 Americans die each year in car crashes. The second largest cause of accidental death in the United States is poisoning. This includes abuse or misuse of prescription pills and also narcotic incidents. Also about 40,000 people die each year from drug poisoning. Surprising as it is, falling is the third most common way people find death by surprise in this country. Tripping or falling off high ledges constitutes about 25,000 deaths per year. All of these figures come from the National Safety Council.

When a death occurs more than 100 miles from your primary residence, our accidental death insurance in NJ covers your return home. Once we have been informed of a loss, we work without delay to manage and oversee the safe return of your loved one. We free you from international discussions and additional stress that comes with paperwork retrieval and submission. 

You are financially protected with our accidental death insurance in NJ. We ensure that your loved ones are adequately taken care of in case tragedy occurs. Unfortunately, accidents happen every day. We all do our best to follow safety procedures and protocols, but accidents are ever-present in our highly modernized and fast-paced society. With accidental death insurance and Bergen Funeral, no matter where your life takes you, you can be sure that you'll arrive safely home should tragedy occur.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

5 Ways to Plan a Unique Funeral

Many people make funeral plans long before their departure. Though a difficult situation, we've found that most times, this conversation leads families not only towards a funeral service in NJ that encapsulates a loved one's wishes, but provides deeper understanding of a person's thoughts, bringing family's closer together. Sometimes, we speak with people who are unsure how to make their funeral a unique experience that truly embodies their life-long journey. There are several ways to bring unique qualities to any funeral service in NJ. 

At Bergen Funeral, we strive to help you come to end-of-life decisions that fulfill your requests and leave you satisfied. With Bergen Funeral, your NJ funeral service can be a deeply personal, memorable experience that provides more personal depth while highlighting your unmistakable qualities in an intimate setting. We believe that proper healing after a loss comes in many forms, and a unique funeral service that provides closure while focusing on joyous memories can result in a warm smile when you need one most.

We've listed five unique funeral service arrangements we've found to be touching, inspiring, and truly personal.

Portrait Panting or Professional Photo

There is a reason all the great people in history have famous portraits to match their iconic life. As such, honor the life of a loved one with a special photo displayed at the memorial and given out to patrons. This doesn't have to be the Mona Lisa, but a specially made gift to mourners during the funeral service in NJ could make all the difference in remembering the deceased with dignity.

Give Life as One is Lost

Are you altruistic? Do you find peace in giving? Another idea some are opting for is creating some type of charity or scholarship fund in the name of the dearly departed. This is fantastic way to ensure a legacy is built around giving and also to keep the name fresh on many people's tongues.
Slideshow or Home Movies

An easy way to breathe life into a funeral is by providing a memorial video to play during the funeral service in NJ. Many of our customers made a collage of old home movies and personal photographs to remember the deceased during the best time in their lives. These slideshows can be played throughout the service or during a specially arranged time. A movie or slideshow offers more knowledge about a person and their life, while creating the slideshow or movie itself is a deeply healing experience.

Let it Fly

Another idea many funeral planners are selecting these days is the releasing of something into the air at the close of the service. This can include anything, from white doves and butterflies to balloons. The evening will end on a wonderfully inspiring note, and a positive light on the remembrance of life.

Let it Grow

A tree is an important symbol of life, family, and preservation. Many families are deciding to plant a tree, or trees, in the name of their loved one. Another great idea is handing out small tree seedlings to funeral attendees. A wonderful idea for a loved one who enjoyed nature, the outdoors, and exploration.This unique, eco-friendly NJ funeral service idea incorporates the idea that life moves in cycles and new life is always around the corner. 

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Cremation NJ

Our condolences. We understand that dealing with loss is never an easy thing, even though it is a part of all of our lives. Death, in itself, can be a trying time, but this difficulty is compounded when forced to handle the remains. Many are choosing cremation in NJ in today’s world, for any number of reasons. First, it’s cost effective. It’s also an environmentally conscious decision for others. And of course, it puts less burden on the family of the deceased, as they can plan the memorial service according to their own desires.

The funeral professionals at Bergen Funeral Services serve residents of New Jersey with services including cremation in NJ. We understand the difficulty of experiencing a death of a loved one, which is why we work to provide you with the information and services to allow you a healthy, full heal during your grieving period. Our funeral staff will work with you to ensure you make decisions you are comfortable with, decisions that your loved one would have wanted, relieving some stress associated with coordinating events following a death. Below, we've organized some reasons why cremation has not only become a popular method in New Jersey, but why it continues to provide family with an honorable, memorable, and loving closure.


The cost of death is perhaps one of life’s biggest ironies. Spending thousands on a casket that nobody will see, buying out a plot, and securing the service for burial. None of these are cheap. Cremation in NJ, on the other hand, allows you to bypass many of these costs. It remains the most affordable way to handle a body after they’ve passed on.


For others, the idea of cremation is conceived to save the planet. They don’t want their body taking up space in the already overcrowded cemetery. This is understandable as well. There’s a limited amount of people who can fit in a cemetery, and many are nearing the maximum occupancy. Instead, cremation in NJ allows for alternative, eco-friendly ceremonies when a loved one has passed.


Planning a memorial service that honors the departed is important to many families. With a cremation, this is entirely in your hands. You can spread the ashes at a site important to your loved one. You can also keep the remains in an urn on your mantle place, bookshelf, or fireplace. If family is scattered or lives far from one another, cremation allows each the time to make preparations to offer their respects. This gives you the time you need to grieve without being forced to deal with the loss so suddenly.

We work with residents of the following counties:
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