Thursday, March 31, 2016

Brooklyn Cremation Services

Guide to an Eco-Friendly Afterlife  

Did you know at least 50,000,000 people pass away every single year? In addition to being sad for the people who lost a loved one, it is unfortunate for the eco-system because traditional burial services have a negative impact on the environment. Fortunately, you can lessen the impact with a green funeral and eco-friendly burial - including Brooklyn cremation services. Everyone passes away at some point in time, why not make the carbon footprint you leave behind a little smaller?

The professional staff of Bergen Funeral works with many families and members of the Brooklyn community to honor and memorialize loved ones passed. Our Brooklyn cremation services give you means to have more control over an extremely stressful situation. Cremation allows for more time to plan a service to fully capture the essence and spirit of a departed loved one. Likewise, our eco-conscious practices minimize environmental impact. When a family member passes away, we provide ways to honor them while remaining mindful of the earth they spread their love upon.

Below, we've cataloged some reasons why our eco-friendly Brooklyn cremation services are beneficial to you and Earth, and alternative services for nature lovers and eco-conscious families alike.

Cremate Your Remains

Cremation may not seem like a green idea because burning anything means creating air pollution if there are any toxic substances involved, such as embalming fluid. However, modern day crematoriums have made huge strides in reducing emissions. Furthermore, a lot of cemeteries (especially those in the United States) have many rules and regulations requiring the use of concrete vaults and coffins in order to make it impossible for your body to become one with nature if you were to choose a traditional burial.

From a green perspective, Brooklyn cremation services are a happy alternative because it means your body won’t be left to take up space in the earth in a concrete vault until the end of time.

Leave Behind a Living Marker

After the funeral, consider having your loved ones plant a tree or a bush in your name. Your cremated ashes can be sprinkled around whatever you choose to have planted. This living marker can provide your loved ones with a place to go when they want or need to feel close to you. The plant will allow you to live on in the world to be with your loved ones despite your passing away.

If (for whatever your reasoning may be) you do not like the idea of cremating your remains, a green burial is the next best option. A green burial involves not using embalming fluid and being placed in the ground without a concrete vault. In time, this will allow your body to become one with nature.

The most important thing you can do is discuss your wishes with a loved one and consider getting them in writing. The people you leave behind need to know you want a green afterlife.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Funeral Services in NJ

As much as we may want to avoid the issue, death is one of those parts of life that spring up on everybody. In reality, it's the only thing we can know will happen to us with any certainty. As such, planning funeral services in NJ is one of the most crucial parts of life. But how many actually go through with the process? Not many. Never fear, we know how hard planning a funeral is while you're in the middle of mourning. Aside from grieving your loss, there's family coming in from out of town, there's contracts you need to sign, and all sorts of headaches on your plate. We can help.

Bergen Funeral is a family-owned funeral home in operation for many years. Our caring and professional funeral staff are here to assist you in pre-planning or immediate need funeral services in NJ. We have helped many community members through difficult times, ensuring an honorable and respectful memorial for each loved one that came to pass. We understand the importance of proper healing, and this begins with a funeral service that truly encapsulates the love and warmth the recently deceased gave to all they encountered. 

Our funeral parlor provides space to accommodate your friends and family. Likewise, we feature capabilities for special presentations, video, or audio. We can aid in the planning of your memorial service or help you fulfill the vision you have in mind. If you have no time or energy to even consider a plan, we are here to provide assistance. We have the training and staff to plan everything for you, and let you worry about what's important. This includes dealing with the paperwork, hiring the preacher, and even getting you a casket and plot if you don't already have one. In short, consider our funeral services in NJ dedicated to your well being and healing. We take the word “service” very seriously.

Our space offers you complete freedom for any type of memorial you may need. This includes spacing and privacy (if needed) for various religions, faiths, and ideals. Our funeral services in NJ extend to meet the needs of those within our diverse communities. 

Contact us today to see how we can assist you in this difficult time. We know planning a funeral is not something you want to do. So let us guide you through the process as we've been there before.

For more information about our affordable funeral services in NJ, call Bergen Funeral at (800) 262-7901.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Direct Cremation NJ

As unfortunate as it is, the only part of life we have any certainty over is that it will end. However, although death is certain, it can come about at any time and leave the surviving friends and family reeling. Not only is there mourning and pain, often times an economic burden is placed upon the family members of the deceased. Hospital and treatment costs are one thing, but the post-death costs are where the bank accounts get truly depleted. There are alternatives available. Direct cremation in NJ reunites the deceased with remaining family in a timely manner while saving costs associated with more traditional methods.

At Bergen Funeral, our caring funeral staff understands the vast hardships that follow a death. If a conversation about funeral arrangements hadn't occurred in life, suddenly making these decisions can make many feel uncomfortable and confused. Our professional funeral staff will guide you through your options, offering assistance during this extremely difficult time. For those who have economic restrictions or far-reaching family unable to attend the funeral on short notice, direct cremation in NJ enables you to honor the life and memory of a loved one how you wish, at a time of your choosing, and allows for family and friends to pay their final respects and offer condolences.

Let's look at some of the costs associated with the traditional funeral. Of course, you need a cemetery plot, which is nothing other than buying a piece of hotly contested, highly demanded property. Then, you need a casket that will be lowered into the plot. Of course, you will need the body to be prepared for the viewings and also for burial. Then the body must be transported to the site of burial. This is all before the service itself is bought.

This is why many are opting for direct cremation in NJ to save money in these difficult situations. Direct cremations are done for various reasons, but often times it is suggested by the departed before they pass on. Family members may rest a little easier in these cases, knowing they won't have to put out a second mortgage or sell a valuable artifact to cover the funeral costs.

A direct cremation in NJ is different than traditional cremation in that it is done right away, after the person has passed. This will prevent any body preparation or upkeep, and save time, money, and energy for all parties involved. You may bring your own urn, or take the remains in one of the available containers offered on site.

For more information about the process of direct cremation in NJ, call Bergen Funeral at (800) 262-7901.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Funeral Home in Queens

When experiencing a loss of a loved one, we undergo deep changes that impact our daily routines. Making decisions following a death can be very difficult if a conversation hadn't occurred during life. The large amount of decisions to make can make an already deeply stressful period it pressure-filled as well. Our funeral home in Queens looks to alleviate some pressure and stress from your grieving period with professional services and caring guidance for you during your time of need. 

Bergen Funeral is a family-owned funeral home in Queens in operation for over 50 years. As members of the community, we take steps necessary to ensure that all of our neighbors and community members are given the information and possibilities necessary to make such decisions. Our caring funeral staff will guide you through our funeral services, assisting you in honoring a loved one in a way that reflects their life and wishes. Choosing a service and memorial following a death is an important part of the healing process - for you and family members. At Bergen Funeral Services, we understand the significance of this event, assisting in providing an atmosphere where your family and friends can offer their final respects.

Discussing death is perhaps one of the most difficult conversations we can have. Most people try not to think about death while enjoying life, and the burden of thinking of living without somebody we care for so deeply can make for an uncomfortable dialogue. Though hard, these conversations oftentimes bring out deep understanding about ourselves and loved ones. With this deeper understanding comes a deeper knowledge of both engaged, spirituality, and beliefs. We try to promote this conversation to families before experiencing a loss; not only for a closer relationship with loved ones, but to remedy some pressure you may feel following the death.

You might feel overwhelmed with the decisions suddenly placed in your hands. At our funeral home in Queens, we work with families to help them come to resolutions regarding burial methods and services. Cultivating an atmosphere of relief and comfort is important to this decision-making process, and Bergen Funeral's warm environment and friendly funeral staff are available to guide you throughout the funeral process.

When you are in need of a funeral home in Queens, make sure you choose one that has years serving the community and understands the needs and wishes of those within. At Bergen Funeral, we give families the information and space to say "goodbye" and begin healing. During this difficult time, it's good to know that there are helping hands available to you.

For more information about our funeral home in Queens, call Bergen Funeral at (800) 262-7901.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cremation Queens

More and more Queens residents are opting for cremation services instead of the traditional burial. The reasons for this trend are numerous. Cremation in Queens provided by Bergen Funeral will provide the expert care and delicacy needed during such a difficult time. We ensure that you understand everything about the procedure before it's finalized. The entire process is difficult, to be sure. With the passing of a loved one, nothing is easy. Still, there are ways to alleviate some of the stress on the family during this time. 

The professional and caring staff at Bergen Funeral are here for you in your time of need. We understand the many difficulties that follow a loss, and seek to create an atmosphere and foster conversation that gives you the information, details, and options available to honor your loved one. Cremation in Queens allows for the same, or alternative services available with other funeral services while alleviating some costs associated with more traditional methods. Below, we've listed three reasons why residents of Queens are choosing cremation.

Cremation is Cost-Effective

The most important reason our customers call us for a cremation is the savings. A traditional burial will cost more than a family is often ready to spend. This includes a cemetery plot, casket, transportation, and more. When you're already in worry and grief, money should be the last thing on your mind. Still, many often spend beyond their budget at this time. A cremation in Queens alleviates that concern.

Cremation is Time-Effective

Another stressful aspect of dealing with loss is the time by which services must be held. Consider that with a cremation, you have full control over when the funeral and memorial services take place. You don't have to rush in accordance with body preservation or funeral parlor schedules. Take your time and grieve in a healthy manner during this trying time.

Cremation is Earth-Conscious

The first two reasons relate to the family of the deceased. This reason is often chosen by the dying themselves. They may have concerns over the growing number of occupied property at any given cemetery. They may also have concerns over how more space is needed to accommodate everybody. Many people choose cremation in Queens because of concerns over space and eco-friendliness. 

No matter your reason, cremation is an affordable option that allows for beautiful ceremonies to celebrate the life and journey of a loved one. We can assist you in the planning of your cremation service, providing all materials and information necessary to create a cremation service that both honors a lost loved one and gives you proper closure to heal. 

For more information about cremation in Queens, call Bergen Funeral at (800) 262-7901.