Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Direct Cremation Brooklyn

Cremation in it of itself is incredibly cost effective. Direct cremation in Brooklyn, however, is the easier, faster, and cheaper way to handle the remains of the departed. The direct cremation service is perfect for those looking for a memorial that won’t make them go broke. This is because time is saved from the moment of death to the moment of cremation. As the name implies, the cremation is performed directly after the last breath, if wanted. This gives you control over your grieving and less worry over costs associated with dying.

At Bergen Funeral Services, our funeral professionals will guide you through the entire direct cremation process. When pre-planning or in immediate need, direct cremation in Brooklyn allows for many alternative ceremonies to honor the life and memories of a loved one. We are dedicated professionals serving Brooklyn with affordable cremation services.

How Direct Cremation Saves Money

Well, first consider all of the costs associated with a traditional burial. You’ve got the cemetery plot, casket, body preparation, services, and more. This alone is enough to leave you holding your pocket book. But there are also costs in a traditional cremation that are possible to avoid with a direct service.

Most cremations are done in a funeral home. Meaning, after someone dies, the body is transferred to the funeral parlor. Direct cremation of Brooklyn is performed the moment after the individual dies, and is done in a crematory. This avoidance of the funeral home is the largest reason to consider a direct cremation if you’re tight on money.

Direct Cremation Helps in Other Ways

There is no need for embalming or preparing the body before cremation, for a funeral or wake. This also means that you’ll have complete freedom as to when the memorial service will take place. Time is not an issue. This is especially beneficial for those struggling to face their loss. The extra grieving time can be a big difference.

After the direct cremation in Brooklyn, the body is transferred either into an urn or container you provide, or a simple container we have on site. This also allows you to avoid a large cost. And you can always transfer the ashes into another container later on.

For more information about direct cremation in Brooklyn, call Bergen Funeral Services at (800) 262-7901.

Friday, January 22, 2016

International Mortuary Shipping

Death often comes upon us with little or no warning. It’s a part of life. But if somebody you love dies in a foreign country, whether on vacation, working, or living away from the majority of their family, what do you do? Bury them where they died? It’s a possibility, but then the family will have to come out for the funeral. And don’t forget they won’t be able to visit the grave-site whenever they want. This is a problem for some. But there is a solution. That solution is International Mortuary Shipping.

Bergen Funeral Services provides international mortuary shipping when a loved one passes away from home. Our funeral directors are expertly trained in transportation logistics, and work with airlines to more easily schedule flights to secure the safe return of a loved one. We are a family-owned and operated funeral home serving residents of all 50 states with international mortuary shipping, a service that relieves much stress during a difficult time.

This is a much more intense project then simply putting a casket aboard a plane. Careful attention to paperwork must be paid. And can the family understand everything in the native tongue? Probably not. But we can. We can deal with paperwork from nearly every language, and we have contacts in major cities throughout the world. This facilitates the shipment of your loved one’s remains with ease.

Not only translation of important documents, but our international mortuary shipping also deals with the embassies and consulates relevant to the deceased and their family. This is of critical importance in some countries, and we use our expertise and global network to bring ease and security to this process. This includes following all of the necessary laws, regulations, and protocol to ensure delivery on time and when you need it.

Serving all 50 states with international mortuary shipping, we’ve seen a variety of situations occur. We’ve helped families within our own community and abroad find a solution in their time of distress. We value the ability to help families and loved ones find closure and grieve in a way that provides healthy healing. And for most, this means that their loved one is close by.

Bergen Funeral specializes in shipping to many countries, including:

For more information about our international mortuary shipping, call Bergen Funeral Services at (800) 262-7901.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Direct Cremation NJ

The passing of a loved one is always extremely difficult to deal with. The days afterward can be very trying and sensitive for anyone. So it’s difficult to think about what to do with the remains of your loved one. If cremation is their wish then direct cremation in NJ is the most immediate way to do it. Embalming and funeral services can be quite expensive and difficult to manage during a time of mourning. Direct cremation could be the most manageable way to proceed.

At Bergen Funeral Services, our professional funeral staff will guide you through the direct cremation process, in times where you are pre-planning or in immediate need. We work to alleviate some stress experienced during this difficult time, so you can focus on your loved ones and grieving without additional strains. Our direct cremation in NJ can remove some difficult decisions that come with traditional burial methods, and reunite you with a deceased loved one's cremains in a timely manner. 

Direct cremation is a cost effective way to proceed with the cremains. You are not required to purchase a casket when deciding on going forward with this type of cremation. Also, affordable direct cremation in NJ eliminates the need for embalming or purchasing burial plots. Providing the urn would be ideal, and would be a lot more affordable than purchasing a casket.

While cremation does away with the need for a wake, memorial services can be held at a time when the family is truly ready. This process is less about getting the body from place to place and more about allowing the loved ones to grieve and pay homage in a time suitable for them. Many times when a loved one dies you’re so wrapped up in planning the wake and funeral and figuring out burial preparations that there’s no time to allow yourself to deal with what’s happened. We understand the importance of this and it’s why we’re dedicated to making this difficult situation easier on you.

You’ll be able to keep them with you forever when going with cremation. Some burial grounds ask for all sorts of upkeep fees and other possible fees that no one would like to have to deal with. With direct cremation in NJ you can do what you wish with the cremains of your loved one. Whether it is to keep them with you or to spread them in a way they might’ve wanted. It can be practical to have memorial services when family and friends live far away as well. If you’re considering direct cremation please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

For more information about direct cremation in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Services at (800) 262-7901.