Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Funeral Home in NJ

Are you looking for a funeral home in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service is a funeral home in NJ that understands how difficult a loss can be, and approaches funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity. 

Funeral Home in NJ

Bergen Funeral Home in NJ is dedicated to providing quality, reliable, and cost-effective services to families with compassion and care. For many years, the NJ community has trusted Bergen Funeral Home with helping them plan and streamline the celebrations.

Our professional team in NJ serves every family with great pride. We offer numerous services to your needs and customs. Our team will listen to you and your requirements and plan celebrations to surpass your expectations.

Not only does our team take time to plan all the details, but we also relieve the pain and budget on your family during the time of grief and loss. Here is everything you need to know about our funeral home in NJ.

Advanced Planning

Most people plan ahead in life. For instance, you plan for your wedding, kids’ education, holidays, family vacations, and other life events. So, it is crucial to prepare for unexpected life events to reduce the financial burden and streamline the entire process.

Our professional team at Bergen Funeral Home in NJ understands the significance of pre-planning and carries out a step-by-step process to optimize all the arrangements. So, you can set up an appointment with our team to discuss pre-planning.

Reliable Services

Our funeral home in NJ is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced tools. We offer various packages, allowing you to choose a service that best fits your needs and budget. We also provide live streaming services, allowing your family members to watch the funeral.

Our team also provides video services, supplying video montages for your family. That way, you can watch the celebrations for years to come and remember your loved one. Not only do we have a large selection of caskets, but we also have quality urns to meet your specific needs. So, you can choose from various options to celebrate a personalized funeral.

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Bergen Funeral Home has served NJ families for many years. We provide customer-oriented services to fulfill their needs. That’s why Bergen Funeral Home has become the most trusted cremation and funeral provider in NJ.

Families in NJ trust us to serve them adequately, professionally, reliably, and cost-effectively. We make substantial efforts to understand your needs and honor your loved one uniquely to create memories.

Bergen Funeral Home in NJ takes pride in supporting families, neighbors, and communities throughout NJ with personalized services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange everything within your budget. 

For more information about our funeral home in NJ, please call us at (800) 262-7901.
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Friday, December 17, 2021

Funeral Service in NJ

Are you looking for Funeral Service in North NJ? Bergen Funeral Service has been providing Funeral Service in North NJ for over 50 years.

Funeral Service in NJ

At Bergen Funeral Service in NJ, our professional team understands the stress that funeral arrangements place on the family of a deceased loved one. We know and understand you suffer from the heartbreaking loss of your family member. So, we can help ease your grief and alleviate the burden by guiding you through the funeral process.

Bergen Funeral is a locally-owned and operated business that serves NJ and surrounding areas. We ensure more responsive, reliable, and flexible services tailored to your specific needs. Our funeral home provides quality care and affordable life celebrations to families regardless of faith, color, creed, race, and financial position.

Experienced Funeral Directors

Although every situation our funeral director at Bergen County encounter is different, our directors ensure they heart out your needs. The purpose is to listen to your needs and concerns and receive additional information to ensure everything goes out smoothly.

So, you can rely on our responsive funeral director, who will guide you every step of the way. Our funeral director and professional team put their discomforts aside and give 100% attentiveness to you and your grieving family.

Adequate customer service and cost-effectiveness are hallmarks of Bergen Funeral service in NJ. Our team is ready to serve you and will work diligently to earn your trust. So, whenever the need arises, our team will stand ready to help you with compassionate and quality care at the most affordable prices.

Customized Services

Bergen Funeral, NJ, specializes in providing personalized options, including customized music, video tributes, display of personal belongings, and unique giveaways. In addition, our team arranges for live stream services, candle lighting ceremonies, and other services based on your individual requirements.

Moreover, we have a knowledgeable and committed staff available 24/7 to service your family in NJ. Our experienced team will make substantial efforts to provide your deceased loved one a warm, comfortable, and cozy atmosphere from start to finish.


Bergen Funeral understands the impact of intense financial situations on the NJ community. Our team understands that families need our help. So, our funeral director will sit down with you to discuss your requirements.

The purpose is to honor your loved one without causing a financial burden on your shoulders. We work within your budget, but at the same time, we ensure quality funeral services to satisfy your needs. Contact us today! 

For more information about Funeral Service in North NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service - Your trusted source for Funeral Service in North NJ.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Cremation Bergen County

Are you looking for Cremation Services in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has been providing Cremation Services in NJ with compassion and dignity for more than 50 years.

Cremation Bergen County

The death of a family member or friend is the most difficult experience in your life. Grief and sorrow tied to the loss of a family member are painful and unmatched by other losses. Although the loss of a loved one is uniquely heartbreaking, it is crucial to honor your family member after they pass away.

At Bergen Funeral, our team has spent years supporting families through the intimate process of choosing the suitable post-death options for their loved ones with a unique level of grace, compassion, and tact.

Here in Bergen County and across NJ, many families opt out of traditional funerals and burials. On the other hand, families opt into cremation services. Research shows that about 40% to 50% of all deaths in the United States result in cremation.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Cremation is a highly regulated, straightforward, and streamlined process carried out by a professional service like Bergen Funeral Home in NJ. Our team follows a step-by-step approach to carry out the process adequately and give you peace of mind during challenging times.

Our professional cremation team, under the guidance of an expert funeral director, will transfer the body of your loved one from the place of death to Bergen Funeral’s care center.

We will ensure making all arrangements and carrying out the process adequately, compassionately, and professionally according to your needs. Bergen Funeral’s professional team will file all necessary paperwork, social security, death certificate, cremation permit, and veteran benefits if applicable.

We also assist in creating and submitting an obituary and focus on the ceremonies arrangements, such as a funeral, memorial service, visitation, etc. Remember, we can organize these ceremonies before or after the cremation, depending on your specific requirements.

Peace of Mind

Bergen Funeral has licensed directors and an experienced team that guides every step of the process. Our professional staff will pick up your family member at your residence, hospice care center, or hospital and transport them with proper care.

Remember, we will work with you to ensure quality cremation services that align with your beliefs, doctrines, values, and wishes. In addition, we provide families with various options for preserving and honoring the remains of their loved ones.

These include cremation grave markers, urns, columbarium, etc. You can also place cremated remains alongside cherished mementos like cremation rocks, benches, or photographs.

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At Bergan Funeral, your family member never leaves our team’s care. We have licensed, qualified, and experienced staff who ensures your loved one receives the honor and respect they deserve. Contact us today for quality and cost-effective cremation services in Bergen County. 

For more information about Cremation Services in NJ, metro New York, or Naples, Florida call Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at (800) 262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. - Your trusted source for Cremation Services in NJ.