Friday, December 28, 2018

International Funeral Shipping Service

At Bergen Funeral Service, we offer International Funeral Shipping / International Mortuary Shipping for your loved ones. When you contact us for assistance, a funeral director will immediately assist you and answer any questions you may have. Our funeral directors are expertly trained in international mortuary transportation logistics and can make tough and stressful times much easier on you and your family. International body shipping can be challenging but our experience and expertise will make this difficult time of your life much easier. Our international funeral shipping services are expanded were We ship to any country in the world.

At Bergen Funeral Service, we are the leader in the United States in International Funeral Shipping / International Mortuary Shipping. We help thousands of families every year send their loved ones home to their final resting place. By calling us, you know that our guidance and counsel will ease your mind.

We have offices in New Jersey, New York and Florida which makes transportation to any foreign country seamless and stress free. Our offices in the Northeast are located just minutes from two of the biggest international airports in the United States. Newark (NJ) and John F. Kennedy (NYC) airports offer the most flight options and the most destinations in all of the United States. This gives our families the peace of mind that their loved one will be transported in a timely and secure manner.

We are “Known-Shippers” with all of the airlines. This means that we are authorized to schedule flights and fly with their airlines. There are only a few Known funeral shipping company in the tri-state area and we are the biggest, and We ship to any country in the world.

For more information about international funeral shipping service call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.
Bergen Funeral specializes in shipping to the following countries: