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Cremation Services in NJ

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What Are The Reasons For Which Cremation Is Better Than Burial?

When someone you love dearly leaves your company, it becomes hard to deal with things. But unfortunately, after the death of a close person, people don’t just get the liberty to break down and to dwell in misery. This is because, before that, certain responsibilities need to be fulfilled. A funeral has to be organized and goodbyes need to be said.

But to organize a funeral, some decisions are to be made first. Apart from decisions regarding the people who need to be informed, and the destination where the funeral has to be held, one more crucial choice regarding what you want to do with the body also needs to be made. It has to be decided whether you want to cremate the remains or you want to opt for a burial process. This is an important decision.

According to the reports, in the U.S. there has been reported an increase in the favor for the cremation services over the burial process for the 4th consecutive year. According to the forecast, by 2040, the U.S. cremation rate is expected to be 78% while the burial rate is expected to drop by 16%. Now if you are wondering about the reasons for this likeness, then here is a list that might interest you. Here it goes!

  • Religious acceptance

  • Cremation was not always an accepted practice. During the 19th century, the religious institutions condemned cremation. But now, the times have changed. This is so because, in 2016, the Vatican city gave acceptance to the process of cremation and offered standards to follow. Since then, the countries around the world have recorded an increase in likeness for cremation practices.

  • Cost differences

  • In recent years, the crematories and funeral homes have decreased the costs of arranging cremation services in NJ. Some facilities now provide a simple cremation option that has a disposition method which is conducted before or after the process without a formal service and is cheap. Apart from this, partial or full cremations also cost low. Thus, as a result of the decreased costs too, people have started favoring cremation over burial processes.

  • Memorializing options

  • By opting for cremation, people are also offered varied options for memorializing the dead. One can store the ashes in an urn, choose to scatter them, plant them in the garden, or wear them in the form of a necklace. The choices are endless. This is yet another important reason why cremation services in NJ are favored over the burial services.

    So, if you too decide to opt for cremation services, and need the services of a funeral home, then contact us at Bergen Funeral Service, Inc. We will be happy to help you!

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