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Funeral costs

 Funeral costs

Are you looking for Funeral Cost Estimate in Bergen County, NJ? At Bergen Funeral Service is a funeral home in Bergen County, NJ that provides Funeral Cost Estimate in Bergen County, NJ with professionalism, compassion and dignity. Our professional funeral directors are familiar with most religions’ funeral customs and special arrangements, and can work with you to ensure that your family’s religious views are honored.
At Bergen Funeral Service, our team at our funeral home in Bergen County, NJ understands how difficult a loss can be, and approaches funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity. Whether you're in immediate need, or pre-planning memorial services, our compassionate and professional funeral home staff will help you make informed funeral arrangements. At Bergen Funeral Service, we will patiently speak with you about your many available options, while always remaining respectful of the wishes of your loved one, your family, and your finances. Our professional funeral directors are familiar with most religions’ funeral customs and special arrangements, and can work with you to ensure that your family’s religious views are honored.

 Funeral costs

At Bergen Funeral Service, our directors understands how difficult a loss can be, and we approach each funeral arrangements and planning with compassion and dignity. Here is some information on how funeral homes in general charge for services that they provide that we hope might be helpful for planing a funeral service.

Determining the cost of a funeral is a difficult and stressful experience.  Understanding Funeral Home Costs might put a light into a dark subject and will help you prepare for the future. The cost of the funeral fall into three main categories: basic service fees, costs of additional services or materials, and cash advancements.

Basic service charge
The basic service fee, sometimes referred to as “funeral director and staff basic services”, is for the services required for the necessary permits, delivery, embalming (if applicable) and the funeral service. Burial and cremation services are priced on a flat-fee. There are some cases were the flat fee can be altered, when the funeral home will only receive or forward the remains, if the client is planning a direct burial or cremation. In these examples the rates will decrease the basic funeral fee.

Additional Services or Products

Like any other business, Funeral homes will offer addition service and products to specifically cater to those who would like to remember a loved one. These services and goods might seem basic, but they are an extra procedure or more elaborate product we use during the funeral service and are not included in the basic pricing. Such services as embalming, cosmetic preparation, use of the funeral pallor or chapel, caskets and urns as well as limousine service are an addition fee.

Cash advancement
Cash advancement are used to purchase extra funeral services that are not covered in basic and additional funeral services. These fees are to be paid to a 3rd party vendor before the funeral service commences. Cash advancements are use to cover such extra funeral services as graveyard or cremation fees, compensation for clergy or other service officials, musicians, including organists, pianists and soloists, special car rentals, including limousine and police escorts, report fees and flower arrangements.

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Cremation Services in NJ

Cremation Services

Are you looking for Cremation Services in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has been providing Cremation Services in NJ with compassion and dignity for more than 50 years.

Bergen Funeral provides many Cremation services to fulfill your needs

Cremation is a growing procedure that is gaining popularity. In 1960 3.6% of American selected cremation as a funeral service for their loved ones. In 2015, the percentage expanded to a surprising 48% and the numbers are expected at 56% in 2020 and experts are seeing an increase of total cremations to be over 70% by 2030., according to the National Funeral Directors Association.

With this growing popular trend rise in funeral services, choosing the proper cremation service is very important.  Bergen Funeral services  funeral directors have provided cremation services specifically for each individual client for many years

The different types of cremation services

Nowadays cremation has many options and these services are tailored to the individual needs of those who wish to be cremated. These cremation service can be very elaborate or simple depending on the parted wishes.

Complete Cremation Service

Our complete cremation services includes full viewing within our funeral home chapels were floral tributes and photos and other media are used to personalize the funeral service, All of our funeral homes are equipped with state of the art video and sound to enhance the complete cremation service.

Immediate Cremation Service

Our immediate cremation services are for those whom do not request a full cremation service. This process is performed in our many funeral homes and the remains or ashes will be presented to the family. This cremation service is available for those who would like a simple and economically service either at one’s home or other memorable place.

Direct Cremation Service

Our direct cremation services is our most economical option for those who wish to be cremated. Direct cremation does not have a ceremony, viewing or memorial service. Our funeral directors will provide the family with the ashes of their loved one to either scatter, bury or keep the remains as the departed has wished.

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