Monday, March 23, 2020

Simple Cremation Services in NJ

Are you looking for Cremation Services in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has been providing Cremation Services in NJ with compassion and dignity for more than 50 years.

Why You Should Opt For Simple Cremation?

With simple cremation, you get to say goodbye to your loved one in a simple and fuss-free manner. So, here are the reasons why you should opt for this type of funeral.

  • It costs less

  • Of course, a well-planned farewell is more important than money, especially on an occasion when someone you love dearly leaves you forever. But it has to be understood that cremation is not a rejection of traditional funeral, instead, it is just another form of farewell, another way of saying goodbye to your loved one.

    When you are choosing simple cremation, you are not just cutting costs, instead, you are opting for a more practical approach. Where, on planning a funeral you will spend some $6,560 bucks on an average, on simple cremation, it only costs 1,650 bucks.

  • Good for the environment

  • The environment is at a risk. Glaciers are melting, pollution is affecting life expectancy, sea levels are rising, and a disaster seems to be awaiting us all. In such a situation any contribution towards saving the environment will only increase our lifetime on Earth.

    Now in opting for a simple cremation instead of a traditional funeral that involves using a formaldehyde-based embalming fluid, you are making your contribution towards saving this environment. According to the Green springs Natural Crematory Preserve, traditional ground interment in the U.S. crematory results in a burial of 827,060 gallons of embalming fluid each year. So, if you opt for simple cremation you do your bid in saving the Earth.

  • Flexible service options

  • Naturally, the human body begins decaying right after the death of an individual, unless it is professionally embalmed. So, the funeral or memorial service needs to be arranged as soon as possible after death.

    On the other hand, if the body is cremated then one doesn’t need to do something permanent with it soon after the cremation. You can hold on to the ashes for a longer duration until all your relatives and friends have arrived and then conduct a memorial or scattering service. Hence, with simple cremation the service options become flexible.

    So, if you have lost your loved one because of some misshaping and are looking for a simple cremation service that will understand and respect your emotions and religious funeral customs, then think of us at Bergen Funeral Service Inc. We will work with you to plan a funeral that will be in accordance with your wishes!

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    Bergen Funeral Service Inc. - Your trusted source for Cremation Services in NJ.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2020

    International Funeral Shipping

    Are you looking for International Funeral Shipping? At Bergen Funeral Service, we offer International Funeral Shipping / International Mortuary Shipping for your loved ones. When you contact us for assistance, a funeral director will immediately assist you and answer any questions you may have.

    On occasions, we come across cases where people meet with unfortunate accidents overseas. Sometimes, there are natural causes for these unfortunate incidents, while at other times these are a result of some non-natural forces.

    But overall, with an unprepared loss of a loved one, families are left to deal with a lot, and they need to make many arrangements. They have to ensure that their deceased loved one is shipped back to his home country, and they have to prepare for his funeral services as well. Plus, they also have to deal with the shock and grief of losing their loved ones too.

    And hence, this where we come in! At Bergen Funeral Service, we work with you to ensure that all your funeral arrangements, including the international funeral shipping, work out smoothly. We help thousands of families every year in ensuring that their loved ones reach their final resting place in a timely and secure manner!

    However, if you are still confused as to why you should choose us for the international funeral shipping, then read further to get your answers!

  • We are known-shippers

  • Bergen funeral service is a known shipper with almost all airlines. This means that we are authorized to schedule flights and to fly with them. Now, this helps us in ensuring our customers that their loved ones will reach safely and surely to them in as short of a time frame as possible.

  • We ship in almost all countries

  • Bergen Funeral Service with its experience and good work has expanded itself to ship to almost all the countries. Presently, we specialize in shipping to Africa, Bangladesh, Egypt, Poland, India, France, Italy, Ukraine, etc.

  • We are TSA certified

  • Bergen Funeral Service should be trusted for international funeral shipping because we are TSA certified. This means that our facility can screen human remains, which helps us in avoiding any airport delays.

  • We are economical

  • Because of our friendly and good relationship with the airlines, we often get discounted rates. We make sure that these discounts directly reach our customers to ensure that you get the maximum benefit. Hence, by choosing Bergen Funeral Service for international funeral shipping you can also save some bucks.

    So, these are certain reasons as to why we at Bergen Funeral Service should be your first choice for international funeral shipping. In case you have any more queries or doubts regarding the shipping or anything else, then feel free to contact us!

    For more information about international funeral shipping call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

    Bergen Funeral Service - Your trusted source for International Funeral Shipping.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2020

    Local Funeral Home in Bergen County, NJ

    At Bergen Funeral Service, our team at our funeral home in NJ understands how difficult a loss can be, and approaches funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity. Whether you're in immediate need, or pre-planning memorial services, our compassionate and professional funeral home staff will help you make informed funeral arrangements.

    How to Plan A Local Funeral Service

    Planning a local funeral service can be both an overwhelming and exhausting experience. Usually, no amount of preparation is enough for such occasion and you are always scared that you are going to mess things up. Hence, you usually need some help in arranging it all. 
    So today, we will offer you a checklist that you can go through while planning a funeral in order to be sure that you have done everything right. Here you go! 

  • Choose a form of disposition

  • The first thing you should do, while planning a local funeral service is to decide on the form of disposition. This will help you in making future decisions. So here, the options available to you include- 

    Burial- For a burial, you will be required to purchase a casket, a cemetery plot, burial vault, grave marker, headstone, monument, etc. 

    Burial (green)- People who want to minimize their effect on the environment after death, opts for this form of disposition. 

    Cremation- Here heat is used to turn the body into ashes. Afterward, you can either choose to scatter the ashes, keep them with you or you can bury them below the ground in an urn. 

  • Try creating a personalized experience

  • When you are planning a local funeral service, try picturing a meaningful experience. Think of something that you or your loved one will consider a meaningful way of saying goodbye. This can be something that captures the unique qualities of the deceased or something where the focus is upon the remains of the deceased. 

  • Do you want the body present

  • Another important decision that you have to make while planning a local funeral service is whether or not you want the body present. As already mentioned cremation and burial service are merely forms of final disposition and they do not preclude burial service with the body present. 

  • Flowers or donations

  • In the last few years, the families of the deceased have started asking for donations to charitable organizations instead of flowers. So, you have to make this choice too, what would your loved one have preferred, flowers or donations or both. Also, do not forget to mention your wishes clearly in the obituary. 

  • Find a professional service

  • You should look for a professional service who manages local funeral services or memorials. You can work with them and let them know of your wishes to host a perfect funeral service. 

    So, these are some pointers that you can go through while planning a local funeral service or memorial.

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    Thursday, March 5, 2020

    Funeral Home in North NJ

    At Bergen Funeral Service, our team at our funeral home in NJ understands how difficult a loss can be, and approaches funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity. Whether you're in immediate need, or pre-planning memorial services, our compassionate and professional funeral home staff will help you make informed funeral arrangements.

    How to Choose a Funeral Home in North NJ

    Choosing the right funeral home for hosting the last ceremonies of your loved one is of huge significance. One cannot afford to go wrong with it, or else it can result in a lifetime of regret. Hence, this decision has to be made very soundly and carefully.

    But what should be considered while selecting a funeral home in North NJ? What specifications should one look for? Well, don’t get stressed because today, we are going to tell you just that. Here we go!

    What are your requirements?

    First things first! So before deciding on a funeral home in north NJ, you have got to ask yourself your requirements. Is there anything special you would want to do for the funeral? Do you want the funeral home to be culturally or religiously affiliated? If you are planning to go for burial or cremation, then do you want to work with a funeral home that has its own crematory or burial space? Find these answers and plan your next step accordingly.

    What is your budget?

    The next thing that one should consider is their budget. So, decide on your budget and then depending upon your budget level and your requirements, scan the funeral homes in your area. At this point, you should have a significant shortlist.

    Religious and cultural understanding

    Next, check out these shortlisted funeral homes in North NJ. See if they understand your culture and religious needs. Ask them if they have ever before hosted a funeral according to your religious and cultural customs. If they have, then you should be sorted, and if they haven’t then it is probably better for you to check-out other funeral homes.

    Your comfort level

    Your comfort level is very important. After all, these are hard times for you and so you should not be dealing with people or services who are not understanding, accommodating, and comforting. Hence, ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the funeral home you are about to select? Do you feel like they will be able to help you in achieving your vision?

    Meeting with the funeral director

    If you have got all the answers till here positive, then it is time to meet the funeral director. Visit him personally and ask him questions. In the end, if you are satisfied with the answers then you have probably found your funeral home in NJ!

    So these are the pointers that you should keep in mind while searching for your funeral home. Also, if you are looking for a funeral home in North NJ, then you would probably like to contact us for receiving the best services!

    For more information about our funeral home in NJ, please call us at (800) 262-7901.

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