Monday, December 30, 2013

The Lighter Sides of Coffins

Coffins are a sign of final resting. Most traditional examples are hardwood with metal accents, giving a very refined look. Some people have wanted to shy away from these ideals and instead have chosen more personalized caskets. One railway enthusiast in England commissioned a coffin that resembles a train's passenger car. In Ghana, it is a tradition to include fun and colors that are often based on local culture. If you're a big enough Star Trek fan, perhaps your choice would be a Star Trek themed casket inspired by the famous Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. A company named “Cruisin Casket” has designed car-shaped coffins that feature functioning wheels. These can be designed for any model car you desire. A traditional coffin manufacturer, Vic Fearn & Company, has recently started to manufacturer custom caskets. They can create anything you can think of from a cellphone, to a purse, even a guitar. There is even a coffin available for the members of the Kiss Army. If you prefer the more expensive things in life then you can opt for a 14-karat solid gold coffin.
These coffins offer people more options about their passing, and the way in which they want to leave the world. The price and availability of these also vary greatly. If you have any questions about funeral services in NJ call Bergen Funeral Service today, and we will give you our full attention in this difficult time.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Islamic Funeral Traditions

Bangladesh citizens are primarily followers of Islam (90% Muslim), and Hinduism (8.2%). The development of Islam in Bangladesh developed independently from the dominant Islam trends in India. The preservation of pre-Islamic customs from Buddhism and Hinduism are wheat make commitment to Islam unique in Bangladesh. It is a common Muslim belief that good deeds done will yield entry into Paradise on the Day of Judgment. When someone of Islamic faith dies there are preparations and ceremonies that are taken.
  • According to Islamic law, the deceased's body should be buried as soon as possible. This means that funeral preparations and planning should start immediately. If a person would like their family member to be buried in their homeland, companies do offer funeral shipping to Bangladesh.
  • Organ donation is generally accepted in the Muslim faith, because it follows the teachings of the Qur'an, “Whosoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind”.
  • Embalming and cosmetology are not permitted in the Islamic faith, but some state and federal laws require it. Cremation is forbidden in the Muslim faith
  • The post-funeral mourning period lasts 40 days, but may be shorter depending on the family's degree of religiousness. After the funeral and burial, the immediate family gathers and receives visitors.

When a culture and religion have such esteem for their traditions, especially in the case of burial, it is important to find a funeral company that treats with the matter with the same respect. Bergen Funeral Services is well versed in all religious burial ceremonies, and perform each service with the same amount of dignified respect.

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Cremation Services in Atlantic County NJ

It is difficult to deal with the passing of a loved one. That is why the funeral directors at Bergen Funeral Services Inc are available around the clock 365 days a year to help assist you through making arrangements. We are a non-denominational funeral home and are familiar with many different worldly cultures and burial traditions. We perform many different types of services, including cremation services in Atlantic County NJ.

Here are some terms and phrases dealing with cremation:

  • Cremation. The reduction of human remains through the process of extreme heat and evaporation.
  • Cremated remains. Any bones or fragment that have not been reduced to ashes.
  • Cremation chamber. The machine that performs the cremation services.
  • Crematorium or crematory. The building containing the cremation chamber.
  • Final disposition. The resting place of the cremated remains.

Along with cremation services, we also perform a wide variety of burial and shipping services. We can ship both domestically and internationally. If you would like more information on Atlantic County NJ cremation services, contact Bergen Funeral Services Inc.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

African Burial Customs

When a loved one passes away far from home, this is an additional worry that is the last thing that needs to be on the minds of family and friends of the deceased. To help return the departed back home, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. provides international funeral shipping all over the globe, including to Africa.

Depending on the region the person is from, there are a variety of customs that are followed by Africans when a person passes away. According to the Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, the African burial rites include sending away the departed with two pleas: the first asks the deceased not to bring trouble to those who are still living, and the second asks the deceased to strengthening life on earth and those who favor it.

When it comes to burial services, there are many traditions that are involved, but one of the most common concepts in Africa includes that funeral and burial rites exist to mourn the dead, but also to celebrate the life of the deceased.

Other traditions vary from community to community. In some communities, family members stand on one side of the grave, while everyone else in attendance at the funeral stands on the other side. Other communities do not allow children and unmarried adults to attend funerals. In southern Africa, there is a time of strict mourning that must continue one week after the funeral.

No matter where a person is from in Africa, funerals involve entire communities. Everyone shares the grief after a person passes away.

Burial services are geared toward helping the deceased make a smooth transition from the earthly world to the afterlife. To help with this transition, sometimes personal items will be buried with the deceased.

At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., our funeral professionals want to help loved ones who have passed away return back to their families and homes. If you need help bringing the deceased back to Africa, contact our professionals. Our professionals are knowledgeable about the many different customs and traditions of a variety of cultures for funeral shipping in Africa.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Funeral Customs of Guyana

Guyanese culture is rich with folklore and traditional beliefs about life and death. People who are familiar with or from this nation are very much aware of the importance and reverence that the dead hold in this society, and when someone passes away far from home it is commonplace for the family to request the services of an international funeral shipping company to provide funeral shipping to Guyana that is efficient, quick and respectful. Here are some of the customs of Guyana with regards to the dead.
  • All references to the dead are prefaced with the words “God rest the dead in the living and the looking.”
  • The body of the deceased is usually washed and dressed by the family.
  • There is a gathering similar to a wake for mourning and saying farewell.
  • Nine days after the wake, there is a “nine night,” which is held in memory of the deceased.
  • Mirrors in the home are covered, for fear of seeing the deceased.
  • Homes are swept out in order to usher the spirit of the dead out and urge him or her not to take any family members with him or her.
  • Much of the religious customs follow Christian practices.

When you need to bring a departed family member home to Guyana, contact the experts at Bergen Funeral Service Inc. We are experienced with the burial traditions of many cultures and can accommodate anything you need during this emotional time.

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