Monday, July 31, 2017

Cremation Cost in Bergen County NJ

If your loved one wished to be cremated in the time of their passing, you and your family must begint are looking for a funeral home with an affordable cremation cost in Bergen County NJ. Where can you get a reliable, compassionate cremation service near you? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is here to assist you and your family with all the necessary funeral preparations and ceremonies during this difficult time..

Cremation Cost in Bergen County NJ
Cremation is fast gaining acceptance from different corners of the world as a preferred method of burial services that is affordable and efficient. We know that cremation cost in Bergen County NJ is a big concern at the moment. However, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers an array of cremation options at reasonable costs.

Our professional staff can help you and your family with prepping the memorial service. We offer three types of services including: Complete Cremation, Immediate Cremation and Direct Cremation. We want to help you in any way we can.

If your loved one has passed overseas, Bergen Funeral Service Inc can help bring them back home with our International Funeral Shipping. We can adapt our services to a variety of different religious and cultural traditions for the ceremony. From spreading your loved ones ashes at a place they enjoyed visiting or a simple burial service for your loved one's urn.

No matter what the situation may be, we want to help you in this time of mourning and reflection on the wonderful life of someone special

If you would like more information about our cremation cost in Bergen County NJ, contact Bergen Funeral Service Inc at (800) 262-7901.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Funeral Cost in Bergen County NJ

Losing a loved one or someone close to the heart is a difficult process. With everything happening at once, you and your loved ones have to come together to plan a fitting memorable funeral service for that special person. There's also the thought of the funeral cost in Bergen County NJ and where to hold the ceremony. Bergen Funeral Service Inc is here to help you through this distressing time.

We at Bergen Funeral Service Inc understand that this is a time of mourning for you and your family. Our professional staff at Bergen Funeral has provided funeral services for many years. Our funeral directors are there to assist you through every step of the planning process and reduce any added stress. 

Funeral Cost in Bergen County NJ
Here are some of the many services that Bergen Funeral Service Inc. have performed for our clients:

International Services

If your loved one has passed away in another country and you wish to bring them back home, Bergen Funeral Service has International Shipping service that can assist you. We work with airlines to ensure that your loved one is brought back to you safely, promptly and within your means. 

Funeral Services

Bergen Funeral Service wants you and your family to be able to reflect on the wonderful life of your dearly parted one. To that end, we offer a number of different funeral services choose from in order to give them a fitting memorial. This variety includes an array of different funeral costs in order so that you can properly bid farewell to your loved one without undue financial strain.


If your loved one had discussed their wish to be cremated in the time of their passing, Bergen Funeral has a variety of affordable cremation services. You can choose for an array of urns in which to store your loved one's ashes. We are experienced at performing cremation services in accordance to a variety of different cultural and religious traditions.


One way to reduce funeral cost is to pay for services in advance. You can pre-select a burial plot at a favored cemetery and you can make payments for any or all of our funeral services in advance so that your loved ones will not have to make financial decisions at an emotionally difficult time.

If you would like to know more about our funeral cost in Bergen County NJ at Bergen Funeral Service Inc, contact us at (800) 262-7901.

Friday, July 7, 2017

International Funeral Shipping Cost

Making funeral arrangements is a difficult process for most people. It's even more difficult if the person has passed away in another country. Fortunately, there is a way to bring your loved one back home... International Funeral Shipping.
International Funeral Shipping Cost
The international funeral shipping cost can be affordable if you work with the right funeral service. Bergen Funeral Service has extensive experience bringing peoples' loved ones back home quickly and reliably. We have existing relationships with airports and customs officials across the country, so that we can complete the process smoothly. Bergen Funeral Services has locations in New Jersey, New York, and Florida.

Bergen Funeral Service is a "known-shipper," which means we are authorized to use the services of major airlines to bring your loved one home. We understand the customs processes and, because of our reputation, rarely run into any complications.

Bergen Funeral Service,  international funeral shipping cost can be manageable. As an international funeral shipping provider, we can take care of all the tough work which includes all of the phone calls, paperwork, and permit acquisitions. We will deal with the receiving parties so that you can focus on your family and loved ones.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family, which is why we are here for you.

If you have any questions about international funeral shipping cost or our services, please don’t hesitate to give Bergen Funeral Service a call at (800) 262-7901

We are available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year.