Friday, June 18, 2021

International Funeral Shipping Service

Are you looking for International Funeral Shipping? At Bergen Funeral Service, we offer International Funeral Shipping / International Mortuary Shipping for your loved ones. 

International Funeral Shipping Service

Do you need to get your loved one back home? Bergen Funeral is a reputable service that offers 24/7 repatriation and shipping service worldwide. Our organization assists people anywhere in the U.S, and we specialize in international funeral shipping.

Bergen Funeral has a qualified team of professionals who process all the necessary documentation and paperwork by the different consulates effectively, reliably, and timely, ensuring you have no problems.

Bergen Funerals keeps costs down and makes substantial efforts to streamline the entire process. Our organization has served families nationwide for many years. Here are a few reasons you need to choose Bergen Funeral for international funeral shipping. Read on!


Bergen Funeral has an experienced team of professionals who can plan and process paperwork involved in international shipping. The purpose is to optimize the process and ensure it does not cost you a lot of money.

We have experienced funeral directors who work 24/7 to arrange and manage international funeral shipping without any problems. For many years, Bergen Funeral has helped families bring their loved ones homes from different countries.

TSA Certified

Bergen Funeral provides families with the quality, reliable, and affordable international funeral shipping service worldwide. We are a TSA-certified and independently-owned licensed organization that works with consulates worldwide with full authorization to ship with all international airlines.

Besides, our professional staff receives proper training on changing TSA policies and establishes strong relationships with embassies and consulates. Bergen Funeral ensures you have a seamless, stress-free, and convenient experience.

Attention to Details

Bergen Funeral's experts can accurately deal with each country's shipping rules, regulations, and requirements to ensure your loved one's remains reach home on time. We understand how to arrange and complete the necessary paperwork for the shipping.

Bergen Funeral also meets your shipping schedule effectively and quickly, and we have expert translators who prepare documentation in different languages and ensure the shipping service is seamless for you.

Our professional team understands the significance of shipping your loved one's remains in perfect condition. That's why we make efforts and take all the necessary steps to ensure you receive your loved one's body in perfect condition. Our professional team:

·        Provides a quality casket and shipping container

·        Secures government/consulate documents and death certificate

·        Complies with each country's laws and regulations to handle the deceased

·        Schedules flights and obtains clearance

·        Locate and arrange Bergen Funeral home for burial

For more information about international funeral shipping call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service - Your trusted source for International Funeral Shipping.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Burial Service NJ

Are you looking for burial service in NJ? At Bergen Funeral Service, we believe that a burial ceremony should be an experience that is a sacred and personal tribute which honors your loved one's memory. 

Bergen Funeral – Burial Service NJ

Burial is a reliable option because it provides you and your family with a gravesite visit. It is a more natural method and also required by most religions, allowing family members to feel closer to their loved ones.

It is a respectful method to say goodbye and honor your loved one. However, burial requires careful planning and preparation, and most families find it daunting to make all the arrangements in such a grieving time.

That's where Bergen Funeral comes to help you make the entire process hassle-free and convenient. Bergen Funeral has a qualified, experienced, and skilled team of professionals who follow a step-by-step approach to give you a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Bergen Funeral provides professional, reliable, and compassionate burial services in NJ with licensed and experienced funeral directors. Our specific burial options in NJ include:

·        Graveside funeral service involves a religious leader, military ritual, reading from family members, and masonic rites.

·        Traditional burial services arrange and display floral tributes and offer personalized services through photography and memorabilia.

·        Immediate burial service makes the process hassle-free for families who have an unexpected and sudden requirement to bury their loved ones.

Families in NJ have trusted us with their loved ones for many years. We offer quality service with professionalism and all the necessary tools and equipment, including caskets, coffins, headstones, and plaques. We have licensed and skilled funeral directors to plan each burial effectively at a reasonable cost.

Peace of Mind

Many families find it challenging to plan and prepare for the burial of their loved ones. Bergen Funeral ensures you receive quality services that satisfy you. We help you learn what is involved in the burial, understand the process, and arrange all tools and equipment required for a stress-free burial. The purpose is to give a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

Safe Transportation

Bergen Funeral has licensed, skilled, and experience funeral and burial directors who will guide you step-by-step and answer all your questions. Our professional transportation team will pick your loved one from your home, hospice care, or hospital and transport them with utmost care and professionalism.

We aim to honor your loved one's deceased body and ensure he/she receives an honorable burial. Bergen Funeral provides a 24/7 burial service or schedules it according to your requirements. You can call our organization any time for immediate assistance. Contact us today if you need convenient, reliable, and affordable burial services. 

If you have any questions about any of the burial service in NJ that we provide, please call Bergen Funeral Service Inc at (800) 262-7901.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Caskets for Sale

Are you looking for Caskets for Sale? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers Caskets for Sale as a way to offer the warmth and comfort most people are looking for in the afterlife.

Bergen Funeral – Caskets for Sale

Bergen Funeral offers a wide range of caskets to meet our customers' wants and needs. Caskets available for sale at Bergen Funeral are affordable. We offer different wood casket models in walnut, pine, teak, oak, cherry, mahogany, etc.

Because most people are concerned about the caskets' prices, Bergen Funeral aims to make all products as affordable as possible. Bergen Funeral is a reputable company that also offers metal caskets that come in stainless steel material.

You can also purchase personalized caskets, including caskets for cremation and oversized caskets. Our company's mission is to give you a fair deal. The purpose is to prevent the financial burden that comes with a funeral.

Our experts can work with you to streamline the entire process, meeting your wants and needs. Bergen Funeral's top priority is to ensure you find and buy the perfect casket at an affordable price.

Caskets Variety

Bergen Funeral offers a wide variety of caskets made of metal, wood, fiberglass, and biodegradable materials. Metal caskets available at Bergen Funeral are made of copper, bronze, or stainless steel, making them durable and reliable.

We also offer wooden caskets, a traditional choice for people that come in different forms, including solid hardwood like elm, cherry, pine, walnut, and laminated plywood, wooden fiberwood, and cloth-covered plywood.

Besides, Bergen Funeral also has fiberglass caskets with incredible features, such as lightweight, durable, and excellent finish options, including faux marble and faux wood. If you are an environmental enthusiast, Bergen Funeral has eco-friendly caskets for a "green" burial. We sell quality biodegradable caskets made of seagrass, rattan, bamboo, and banana leaf.

The Right Size

The casket's size is a concern for many people. Although the length is rarely a problem, most people say the width is the issue. A standard-sized casket is 28 inches wide, 23 inches tall, and 84 inches long.

However, these sizes vary depending on the brand and model. We can help you with the dimensions. We have caskets available for an average-sized person, deceased individuals who are larger than average, and oversized caskets.

Affordable Price

The price of a casket depends on various factors, including the material used to make it. For instance, caskets made of hardwoods like mahogany are relatively more expensive than common hardwoods, such as pine, cherry, and elm.

However, Bergen Funeral ensures you find the right casket for your loved one at an affordable price. Remember, affordable price does not mean compromised quality. Bergen Funeral focuses on selling quality and reasonably-priced caskets. The purpose is to ease your financial burden. Contact us today!

If you have any questions about our caskets, do not hesitate to call us at (800) 262-7901.