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Direct Cremation in NJ

Are you looking for direct cremation in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service, Inc. provides direct cremation in NJ with compassion, dignity and care. 

Bergen Funeral Direct Cremation in NJ

A direct cremation is a cremation process in which there is no funeral service, attendees, or ceremony. It is more different from traditional incineration because it is low-priced. Do you want a direct cremation in NJ for your deceased? Then, you would like to know how it works.

The Process of Direct Cremation

1.      Getting Green Certificate for Cremation

This certificate is the first thing you will need, and it is unlike most certifications you will get. It does not tell your quality or what you have. Instead, you get this certificate when you register for the death of the deceased. Once you get this certificate, you can move on to the direct cremation.

2.      Filling the Paperwork

The first thing you need to know in direct cremation is that there is some paperwork you need to fill. The funeral director will send these documents to you to fill and sign before the incineration process can begin.

3.      Getting the Medical Forms

Once you submit the paperwork, the cremation process begins. The funeral director collects two medical forms for you. The Confirmatory Medical Form (CMF) comes from an independent doctor and the certificate of medical attendant issued by the doctor who signs the medical certificate of death.

4.      Sending the Ashes to the Family

When the incineration comes to an end, the ash is hand-delivered to the family. Sometimes, the relatives may wish for the funeral company to scatter the ashes in a precise location. It is where your decision comes to play. If you choose to go for direct cremation, you would want to know these processes. Apart from these procedures, there are other things included in a direct cremation service in New Jersey. Some of them are;

·         After the deceased's death, the body goes directly to the crematorium and gets cremated when due.

·         Direct incineration eradicates the need for embalming the body. Embalming is a process where you delay the breakdown of cells in the body after death. This way, the body does not decay quickly.

·         A direct cremation is also done in a coffin.

·         It is cost-effective and does not take time. Hence you do not have to spend money, time, and energy on it.

Another added advantage of using a direct cremation is that if the deceased dies in a foreign country that is not his or her hometown, this process makes it easy to send back the person's remains. In New Jersey, many people use this process because it is simple and keeps their money in their pocket. If you are in New Jersey and need a funeral company's expertise, Bergen Funeral Service, Inc. provides you with direct cremation services. At, you can get all the help you need. 

For more information about direct cremation in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

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Funeral Home in NJ

Are you looking for a funeral home in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service is a funeral home in NJ that understands how difficult a loss can be, and approaches funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity.

Bergen Funeral: Funeral Home in NJ

A funeral home is an establishment that assists families in handling funeral arrangements for their deceased. Funeral homes may differ due to their location or the services they render. But, there are some similar services every funeral home renders. Before looking for a funeral home in New Jersey, make sure to know the roles they play.

·        Funeral Homes are at Your Beck and Call

A funeral home will always on its toes to serve you. As long as you need their services, you should be able to call on the funeral home at any time you need them.

·        Transportation

The funeral home removes and transports the deceased from the death bed to the funeral home and down to the cemetery when necessary. If the deceased is an alien or foreigner, funeral homes can also transfer the remains to the hometown, whether internationally or by domestic transportation.

·        Physical Care

If the family wishes, a funeral home can give professional care to the deceased. For instance, washing the body, embalming, dressing, cosmetic care, and casketing.

·        Consultant Services

The funeral home meets up with the deceased family to gather necessary information, which will help with the paperwork. Consultation services also include arranging a meet to plan out the details of the funeral.

·        Compose Death Notification or Obituary

Funeral homes can also create a write up that will include information about the funeral service. After writing this notice, the funeral home can send the information to the newspapers if requested by the family.

·        Invite Guests

Though it is the family's job to invite the guests to the funeral, funeral homes can also perform this task if the family requests it. The funeral home can contact clergy or desired officiant for the funeral, invite musicians, and plan with any special group if it is a military funeral.

·        Funeral Arrangement

The chief role of a funeral home is to make necessary provisions for the burial, a crematory, or any other place for disposing of the body. They also inquire about the fees and other pre-requisites for the funeral.

·        Provide Memorial Products

Memorial products like the guest register books, memorial folders, prayer manuals, thank you cards, or acknowledgment cards can be provided by the funeral home if requested by the family.

·        Funeral Setting

How the venue for the funeral looks also depends on the funeral home. Funeral homes can assist the family with arranging the flowers, photos, and other memorial items.

·        Give Directions

Once the family decides on the type of funeral they want, the funeral homes direct the chosen service in an orderly manner. They take care of the visitation and service to the funeral possession and disposition of the body.

                                                                                      Hire A Funeral Home

Are you looking for a funeral home that can professionally arrange funeral services for your deceased? Bergen Funeral assists the family in handling all funeral arrangements. Contact us at to get the necessary help to bury the deceased.

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Funeral Service in NJ

 Are you looking for funeral service in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service has been providing funeral service in NJ for over 50 years.

Bergen Funeral: Funeral Service in NJ

Many people die every day, and there is no greater pain than when it is a beloved. It becomes necessary to conduct a funeral service for the deceased. Over the years, the process of running a funeral service has evolved, especially in New Jersey. Therefore, the need to know what steps to take when deciding on a burial service in NJ. Here you will learn of the procedures or measures to take when preparing for a funeral.

Going About A Funeral Service In NJ

Many things influence a funeral service in New Jersey. It could be the religion, society, or political region. It could also be affected by federal, state, or local laws. Whatever the reason for choosing a funeral service, every funeral celebration should honor the deceased. It should help the bereaved grief in other to conveniently adjust to their life without the deceased.

If you fall as the head of the family, at this time, they will all turn to you for direction, assistance, and comfort. So, you will want to get yourself prepared for this time. Funeral services in New Jersey are not easy to organize, and it may drain you emotionally. Even the organization process can be tasking. You will be in charge of numerous responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include;

  •       Registering the death
  •      Send information to relatives, friends, and colleagues of the deceased.
  •      Prepare transportation for the deceased.
  •      Work in hand with the funeral director to organize the ceremony.
  •      Provide the needed documents for the service.
  •      Filling and signing the paperwork that will go to the deceased family.
  •      Decide on what type of funeral will take place. 
  •      Decide the time, date, and location of the ceremony.
  •      Produce the write-up for an obituary notice.
  •      Decide on who will sing the eulogies and pallbearers.
  •      Make sure things run smoothly during the ceremony.
  •      Burying the dead or scattering the ashes.
  •      Send thank-you notes to the guests.
  •      Dispose and distributing of the dead’s personal belongings.
  •      Attend to the deceased legal matters to fulfill their last will.

These are a few things you need to know when you want to organize a funeral service. However, there are so much more procedures required to bury the dead. If you do everything by yourself, you may end up breaking down or exhausted. So, you will need help. A funeral home will help you take care of some of these requirements, like registering the death, preparing transportation for the deceased, and working with you to organize the ceremony.

There are so many funeral homes that are not reliable. With Bergen Funeral Service, Inc., you get to relax and conveniently arrange for the funeral of your beloved. Go to to get the assistance that you need to lessen the workload on you.

For more information about funeral service in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

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Funeral Service in NJ

Are you looking for funeral service in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service has been providing funeral service in NJ for over 50 years.

Bergen Funeral: Funeral Service in NJ

Having to bury a loved one can be the most challenging task ever to do, but necessary. You cannot complete the job yourself; you will need the help of a funeral home. Before deciding on a funeral service, you need to know the types of funeral services to know which option to choose. Here are some most common funeral services in New Jersey.

Types of Funeral Services

Every funeral type differ from each other, and this difference maybe because of the region, religious belief, or culture. But religion is mostly the primary and most prominent factor that influences the choice of a funeral service. When someone dies, the next step will be for the relatives to organize a funeral ceremony so that close relations and friends will say goodbye to the deceased. You can hold a funeral service anywhere, including at home, church, mosque, a funeral home, or any other place.

1.      Traditional Funeral

Also called a full-service funeral, this type of service is more common among people in New Jersey. In a traditional funeral, the deceased's body they put in by the family and friends who come to pay condolence to the beloved in the form of a casket. This ceremony takes place in the place of worship.

2.      Memorial

Memorial service can occur in the funeral home or any other location, and usually, the body is not present. It is the easiest type of funeral service.

3.      Committal or Graveside Service

This type of burial usually takes place at the burial ground. Here the family may want the close friends, officiant, and other guests to say something about the deceased. A graveside burial is cheaper than the others because you do not have to rent a room or decoration. Before the service, guests come to pay their final respect and say goodbye to the deceased.

4.      Direct Burial

It is a simple type of burial. Here, guests do not get an invitation because it is strictly for relatives. This type of funeral can hold for persons that they cannot identify the relatives or friends.

5.      Direct Cremation

There will be no need to open the casket for viewing or for body embalming in this type of funeral service. The body goes to the crematorium, and the family signs some documents to approve the body's incineration.  After the cremation process completes, the ash goes to the relatives in an urn or any other container. In most situations, the family just for the ashes to be spread at a particular location.

After considering these different funeral ceremonies, you should decide on the one that works well for you. Consider your religion, culture, and the part of the world you come from to make this choice. Once you decide, you will need the help of a funeral company. Bergen Funeral Service, Inc. can help you take care of this process. Go to to get the assistance you need.

For more information about funeral service in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service - Your trusted source for funeral service in NJ.