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Direct Cremation in NJ

Are you looking for direct cremation? Bergen Funeral Service, Inc. provides direct cremation with compassion, dignity and care.

Death is the inevitable and final step in this journey called life. Many people do not like to talk about death and making decisions as regards what happens to them after death scares the average person.
In reality, one cannot but talk about it. There is a need to put into consideration what happens to you after leaving this earth. It might seem like a big decision, but when viewing death and options for funeral, we believe that you need to take your time to consider options. So, whether you are looking for options for yourself or for a loved one, take out time to weigh all options available before committing to one.

There are numerous options available when one is considering funeral and burial options. Some of theses options include: restoration, natural burial, mummification and cremation among others. The process of cremation is a now popular concept among a lot of people as it has been discovered that it saves time and cost.
Cremation refers to the process of final disposition of a body through burning. Cremation involves burning of the body and then keeping the ashes or spreading them into the ocean or even planting them whatever the case may be. There are numerous types of cremation process but the most common is the Direct Cremation.
Direct cremation is the cremation of a body in the days immediately following a death. Direct Cremation is sometimes called "simple cremation", it does not include the use of a funeral home or its staff to facilitate any viewing, visitation, funeral or memorial service at the funeral home or graveside.
There are numerous reasons to choose direct cremation as a funeral option. Some of these reasons include but are not limited to the following:
  1. It is cost friendly: Cremation usually costs 40-50% less than traditional burial altogether. For the cremation neither a grave nor a tombstone is required, and many families renounce the embalming. Urns for cremation are generally cheaper than caskets and so on. In some states, in addition to full-service funeral companies, there are also direct incineration companies offering only direct cremation, which further reduces costs.
  2. It saves Space: After the body has been cremated, the ashes can be put into a vessel of your choice or scattered. This provides many opportunities for long-term storage of ashes or other creative ways to spread remnants. By omitting a grave, you can reserve more land for later use.
  3. Gives room for planning Flexibility: Planning a memorial service or celebration of life is more flexible. They are no longer bound to the immediate planning of traditional funerals that take place before the funeral or cremation. In fact, choosing cremation gives you a lot of flexibility. However, by opting for direct cremation, you have saved a significant amount of money (which you can use to pay for the memorial service or celebration of life later).

Finally, when choosing a funeral option, be certain to weigh all your options and choose that which appeals the most to you.

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Cremation Services

Are you looking for Cremation Services? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has been providing Cremation Services with compassion and dignity for more than 50 years.

Cremation Service

Funeral arrangements are an emotional time. Whether you are sorting out your funeral, helping your loved one get ready, or make final decisions for a loved one, it is up to you to decide between the funeral and cremation and weigh the benefits of both, choosing which method is best for you, your loved one or your family. While this can be a difficult or sad time, attending funeral services is an important part of someone's mind.

Cremation Services

A major factor in the increasing popularity of cremation is the rising costs of burial grounds. In addition, many religions and cultures accept cremation better, and society is much less tied to any place. Even if it looks as if "everyone" is cremated, the choice is not always easy. It is a very personal choice that must be based on your cultural and religious beliefs as well as your finances.
A common misconception about cremation services is that you cannot have a traditional burial when choosing cremation. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, you have more options than less. Here are just some of the ways in which you or your loved ones can be honored: Funeral with viewing, then cremation, Funeral without inspection after cremation, Commemoration service at a traditional funeral home, followed by the burial of the ashes, Memorial service on site, Ash spreading in a place of importance to the deceased.
With so many options, future planning becomes even more important. This is especially true because the cost of your cremation depends greatly on the type of service you require. For example, if you choose a view, the body must be embalmed. It will also require a kind of coffin.
The products you will need to buy for the funeral depend on your personal preferences, the type of service you want and what you want to do with the funeral. Most of the time, though, you might need: Funeral coffin, cremation urn.

Questions to Consider When Choosing Cremation Services

If you have funerals before cremation, you can buy a casket or rent it. Would you like to buy a casket that can be used for funerals and cremation or would you like to rent a funeral casket for service and use another cremation container?
If you bury cremated remains in a cemetery, you may also need a burial chamber or burial cope, depending on the rules of the cemetery. What are the cemetery requirements for external containers?
Does the funeral home offer burial vaults or tombs that meet the requirements of the cemetery and your preferences, including at affordable prices?
What are the cemetery requirements for gravestones and gravestones?
Does the graveyard only work with specific vendors or can you buy a tombstone or gravestone from a seller of your choice?
You do not have to deal with the death of a loved one alone. Cremation and funeral services are available and a team of experienced professionals are available to assist you throughout the process.

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