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Direct Cremation

Are you looking for direct cremation in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service, Inc. provides direct cremation in NJ with compassion, dignity and care. 

Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation is the simplest method of disposition or cremation. It is ideal for families to ensure their deceased loved one rests in peace because it is simple, easy, streamlined, and less expensive than a traditional funeral or burial.

Burgan Funeral’s team will not add extra services or products when you choose direct cremation. For instance, it does not require embalming and ensures increased mobility. Likewise, buying a casket depends on your preferences.

Professional Service

Direct cremation arranged by Bergan Funeral does not involve pre-funeral events. The purpose is to honor your deceased loved one without spending more money. Our team follows a step-by-step approach to performing the direct cremation.

Our team will cremate the deceased loved one’s body right after death, meaning we can do this at a cemetery instead of transferring the body to the funeral home. Instead of relying on a costly casket, Bergen’s funeral professional team will cremate the body in a simple container.

The procedure does not involve a wake, visitation, and viewing before the cremation. The purpose is to avoid all forms of embalming and other body preparations. However, you can celebrate the memorial service later.

Thus, you can prevent expensive funeral arrangements and a costly casket. Our team will make substantial efforts to ensure no hassle is involved in the process. That’s why we recommend direct cremation to families and friends.

Moreover, Bergan Funeral’s staff will handle all aspects of the cremation procedure, including body transportation to the crematory and completing the death certificate. Unlike other services that charge a lot for direct cremation, we have a clear policy regarding prices because our organization is compassionate and believes in easing the process during these challenging times. We offer:

·        Cremation Consultant Services 24/7

·        Removal and Transportation

·        Death Certificate and Permits

·        Caring Preparation

·        Flexible Payment Methods

Contact Us Today

If you want to achieve flexibility and arrange an exceptional memorial service for your deceased loved one, you can rely on Bergan Funeral. We have a team of professionals to give you a simple plan based on your budget.

Besides, we can provide you with limitless options to honor your loved one inside of an urn in your home or within cremation jewelry to share with your family and friends. Contact us today for more information. 

For more information about direct cremation in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

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