Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Direct Cremation NJ

As unfortunate as it is, the only part of life we have any certainty over is that it will end. However, although death is certain, it can come about at any time and leave the surviving friends and family reeling. Not only is there mourning and pain, often times an economic burden is placed upon the family members of the deceased. Hospital and treatment costs are one thing, but the post-death costs are where the bank accounts get truly depleted. There are alternatives available. Direct cremation in NJ reunites the deceased with remaining family in a timely manner while saving costs associated with more traditional methods.

At Bergen Funeral, our caring funeral staff understands the vast hardships that follow a death. If a conversation about funeral arrangements hadn't occurred in life, suddenly making these decisions can make many feel uncomfortable and confused. Our professional funeral staff will guide you through your options, offering assistance during this extremely difficult time. For those who have economic restrictions or far-reaching family unable to attend the funeral on short notice, direct cremation in NJ enables you to honor the life and memory of a loved one how you wish, at a time of your choosing, and allows for family and friends to pay their final respects and offer condolences.

Let's look at some of the costs associated with the traditional funeral. Of course, you need a cemetery plot, which is nothing other than buying a piece of hotly contested, highly demanded property. Then, you need a casket that will be lowered into the plot. Of course, you will need the body to be prepared for the viewings and also for burial. Then the body must be transported to the site of burial. This is all before the service itself is bought.

This is why many are opting for direct cremation in NJ to save money in these difficult situations. Direct cremations are done for various reasons, but often times it is suggested by the departed before they pass on. Family members may rest a little easier in these cases, knowing they won't have to put out a second mortgage or sell a valuable artifact to cover the funeral costs.

A direct cremation in NJ is different than traditional cremation in that it is done right away, after the person has passed. This will prevent any body preparation or upkeep, and save time, money, and energy for all parties involved. You may bring your own urn, or take the remains in one of the available containers offered on site.

For more information about the process of direct cremation in NJ, call Bergen Funeral at (800) 262-7901.

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