Monday, February 24, 2014

Cremation Services

In these tough economic times, many people are choosing cremation over traditional burial. Because medical bills seem to be exponentially increasing over the years, many people are trying to save their families from accruing more debt. Reducing mortuary costs by $500 or $1000 has become more and more important in the long run to many people.
Cremation was all but taboo thirty years ago where only 15% of Americans opted for the process. Now Americans are choosing cremation 41% of the time. The percentage was on a steady increase through the years, but a recent study has shown that the increase has accelerated during the economic downturn. The other rationale for cremation is that the process allows relatives and friends more time to gather from afar for a traditional memorial service.
Unemployment, the loss of retirement funds, and lack of insurance have all caused Americans to look into cremation as a more viable solution for mortuary services. There is also more freedom of choice what to do with the remains after the cremation service. Urns come in an amazingly wide variety that can be buried in a family plot, or kept at home. There is also the option to scatter the remains in various natural parks, at sea or even in space.
Bergen Funeral Service, a full service funeral company, offers many options for cremation and burial. We are an non-denominational company and familiar with all religious and cultural customs and ceremonies.

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  1. I didn't know that cremation had risen to 41%. I think a lot of people's minds are on where they can save costs and if there is money to be saved on the funeral, then cremation it is. You can also have your ashes spread wherever you want as well.