Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Funeral Shipping Service

Are you looking Funeral Shipping Service? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers domestic and international Funeral Shipping Service for many years with compassion and dignity.

When it comes to the end of life, we all prioritize our body to be buried at some specific place, maybe, next to out parent’s grave or deceased spouse. What if your loved one dies and is abroad or in a different city or country? You may face yourself facing the overwhelming process of transporting their body or remains at the final resting place. To help ease this stressful process, funeral homes offer shipping services.

What if my loved one dies inside the country?
The funeral comes across the U.S offer domestic funeral shipping services. You call the funeral home, and a funeral director will assist you or answer your queries. Usually, funeral homes have 24/7 customer support service for shipping assistance. Funeral directors handle the stressful process of corpse transportation with ease and at an affordable cost.

What if my loved one dies outside the country?
Besides domestic shipping, funeral homes offer international funeral or mortuary shipping services. You contact the funeral home for immediate assistance, and a funeral director will assist you or answer your queries if you have any. Funeral directors expertly handle the challenging international funeral shipping to ship corpse at the final resting destination.

What does the Funeral Shipping Service include?
Shipping services may vary for each funeral house, but the common funeral services are:

• Removal of the corpse

• State-of-art refrigeration for cooling and taking care of the deceased body.

• Preparation of shipping, casket and shipping container.

• Completion of necessary paperwork

Specifications for International Shipping:

• Completion and approval of legal documents from local state and receiving country.

• International flight booking.

• Arranging a container which is ‘receiving country’ approved.

• Communicating receiving state’s funeral home.

• Screening human remains.

• To ensure minimum delay at the airport.

• Supervision onto corpse international flight.

• Delivery of deceased body at the final destination

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