Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Direct Cremation in NJ

Are you looking for direct cremation in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service is a family-owned and operated funeral service, that have been providing direct cremation in NJ for over 50 years with compassion.

Direct cremation involves collection and cremation of the dead body immediately after the death, without waiting for the funeral service. Direct cremation is the simple way where no friends or family are present at the occasions; however, ashes may be returned to the family on request.

  What are the Basic Features of Direct Cremation?
  Direct cremation doesn’t include any funeral or pre-funeral services; instead, it is the modest option with the limited services:

1- The local pickup or transportation of a deceased person from the place of death to the direct-cremation funeral home or crematory.

2- Filling and completion of all the required legal documents such as death certificate and authorization for cremation

3- The body is respectfully placed in an ‘alternative container’- a thick-walled cardboard box having a lid.

4- The actual cremation of the body in the cremation chamber. Also known as retort or cremator, it is an industrial furnace designed for fragmentation of the body.

5- The return of the cremated remains (Ashes), by the funeral home to the family of a corpse, in a cremation container- a cardboard box or simple plastic.

Why Choose Direct Cremation?
As discussed earlier, direct cremation is relatively cheap and bears less cost, but there are certain benefits of cremation beside cost such as;

1- No need to bear the expenses of the funeral event.

2- No need to buy an expensive casket, funeral home takes the body and places it in a cardboard container.

3- Since there is no public event; the public view of the body by family and guest, you don’t bear expenses for corpse preparation.

4- It provides you great flexibility as you don’t need to schedule the pre-burial funeral event. Funeral home takes care of everything.

Direct cremation not only saves your time and gives you flexibility, but also saves a significant amount of money. You may use it later for the celebration of life or memorial service.

For more information about direct cremation in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

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  1. Well said! As simple, direct cremation does not include a formal funeral events thus reduces the costs of a funeral. Direct cremation is the most economic option for disposition and it is emerging now.