Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Funeral Home in Queens

Are you looking for a funeral home in Queens? At Bergen Funeral Service, our compassionate funeral staff will help you through the difficult process of losing a loved one. We understand how important it is to respect the wishes of your loved one, your family and your finances. 

One of the most difficult things to cope with in life is bearing the fortitude of the loss of a loved one. At this point, the least that can be done is to ensure the arrangements for a farewell or funeral service is befitting and memorable. Very few people make their funeral arrangements; this isn’t a surprise considering no one expects an untimely death. However, death is inevitable, and no one is certain about the appointed time of death. 

At Bergen Funeral Services, our funeral home services help the grieved to make the necessary funeral arrangements for their loved ones. We have the required level of experience to ensure that your loved ones are remembered the right way. Our compassionate counselors can elucidate the diverse options available as well as the procedure for the prearrangement of funeral services. 

  • Our funeral home in Queens ensures that the funeral service reflect the desires of the deceased and the grieving family. The funeral service is arranged to bring comfort to surviving relatives and friends. Special readings, videos, pictures, music, and the attendance of loved ones makes the funeral service a memorable one. 
  • We keep family and friends involved in the preparations and arrangements for the funeral service. The order of service secludes time for loved ones to share their memories about the deceased or express their grief. Memories about the well spent life of the deceased are also entertained at the funeral service. The expression of grief and memories is known to bring comfort to surviving friends and family.
  • At Bergen Funeral Services, we offer a selection of funeral services so you can be sure to find a package that works with your family's budget.
  • We will ask the family of the deceased to select their preferred method of disposition. The method of disposition may be that stated by the deceased prior to death or selected by the deceased’s loved ones. Our methods of disposition provided by our funeral home include cremation and/or burial. The wishes of the deceased can be specified in the prearrangement document provided by our funeral home.

Our funeral home in Queens services are there to assist loved ones with the overwhelming task of funeral service arrangements. Our compassionate professionals are trained to offer supportive resources to surviving loved ones.

For more information about our funeral home in Queens or any of our funeral services, call Bergen Funeral Services today.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Burial Services in Rockland County, NY

Are you looking for burial services in Rockland County, NY? The compassionate staff at Bergen Funeral Service is here to guide you through this process and honor the memory of your lost loved one. Our funeral home offers a selection of burial packages including traditional services, graveside services and immediate burials. We understand that family's have individual needs and a specific budget and we are here to ensure you and your loved one's wishes are met.

Life is short and the longest of years lived is still not long enough for some of us. Yet as important as a birth and birthing ceremony is, so is the passage rite from life into the great beyond. One of the last things we want to be able to do for our loved ones, is to give them a befitting burial.

A burial is a sign of respect for the dead and it is important for friends and family to have closure. There are so many things a burial ceremony involves, be it private or ceremonial. This can be defined based on personal preferences, culture, tradition, religion, and even health considerations and this cannot be done alone.

Burial services range from the total burial package or just selecting certain aspects like choosing a funeral home, the form of burial most suitable, sending out notices,  and catering.

At Bergen Funeral Service, we provide a selection of burial services in Rockland County, NY, including;

  • Traditional Service: Floral arrangements are displayed, as well as photographs and other memorabilia to personalize the service. Our state of the art video and sound equipment is available to further enhance this experience.
  • Graveside Service: Family and friends of the deceased gather at the burial site for the ceremony. 
  • Immediate Burial Service: This is for those who wish to have no viewing or burial service.
  • Burial with Full Visitation: This includes local transfer of remains from the place of death to the funeral home, securing necessary documents, filing the death certificate, embalming, the use of the chapel for 4 hours, supervision for visitation and a hearse to the local cemetery. 

Burial services are there to make it easier and let the pain of a loved one passing away evolve into the joy of beautiful closure. For more information about our burial services in Rockland County, NY, call Bergen Funeral Service today.

Bergen Funeral Service- Your compassionate source for burial services in Rockland County, NY.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Funeral Services in NJ

Are you in need of funeral services in NJ? Since 1962, Bergen Funeral Service has used their expertise in the funeral services and funeral shipping to patiently provide families with the information they need in this tough time. We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions when a loved one passes away, so our compassionate funeral directors will guide you through this process to ensure your loved one's wishes are met while working with your family's budget.

Funeral services offer a helping hand in the interment of a loved one that has passed away. There are several decisions that you and the family may be required to make in the whole journey between the date of death and the time the body will be interred.

When a loved one dies, you need to register the death with the local authorities and get a certificate for the burial of the body. You will also get a Certificate of Registration of Death for use by social security office.

At Bergen Funeral Service, our funeral services in NJ will accommodate your family's culture and your departed loved one's wishes. We pay attention to details and hold you with respect and compassion. You can tell this by the quality of the conversation you have with our caring funeral staff.
Our funeral services include burial services in NJ, cremation services in NJ and funeral shipping: 

For traditional burial services, we display photographs, keepsakes, and mementos collected by the departed throughout their life, as well as friends and family. Those who come to the burial service can help honor the life and spirit of your loved one, giving them a respectful burial service and helping you through your time of loss.

For cremation services, you will communicate to one of our funeral directors on the final resting place of the ashes after cremation. They can be kept in an urn, buried, or scattered. Remember that you will buy a burial space except in cases where you have a family plot and the law does not limit burials in such plots.

For funeral shipping, we adhere to TSA requirements, ensuring an incident-free shipping process back home.  We provide domestic funeral shipping and international funeral shipping. Funeral shipping alleviates many concerns regarding a safe return, allowing you to focus on honoring the recently departed how you best see fit.

Bergen Funeral Service has been providing warmth and compassion to our bereaving neighbors who come to us for over 50 years. For more information about our funeral services in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service- Your compassionate source for funeral services in NJ.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Funeral Home in Brooklyn, NY

Are you in need of a funeral home in Brooklyn, NY? When experiencing the loss of a loved one, we undergo deep changes that impact our daily routines. Making decisions following a death can be very difficult. Bergen Funeral Home looks to alleviate some pressure and stress from your grieving period with professional services and caring guidance for you during your time of need. 

At Bergen Funeral Services, we emphasize on the warmth and care that we provide to the grieving families that come to us. We try to give as much comfort as we can through these difficult times by dedicating time and respect to each service that we provide. 

We are proud to serve our neighbors in Brooklyn in their time of need, and understand the importance of cultivating an environment for healthy healing. Some of the services our funeral home provides are coordinating the legal paperwork involved in taking care of a deceased body, submitting obituaries to local papers, embalming or cremating a body, and planning, publicizing, and hosting a memorial service.

Our state of the art audio and visual equipment can provide wonderful memorial presentations to pay final respects. When you discuss with us a loved one’s final wishes, we can begin arranging photographs, keepsakes, and other media to create a meaningful funeral service. 

If you choose to transport your loved one to another state or country, we also offer domestic and international shipping services. We are authorized to schedule flights and are located close to both Newark International and JFK airports. We have the ability to make arrangements for shipping efficiently and promptly.

The death of a loved one is a difficult event to endure in our lives. It can be made even more difficult by having to coordinate funeral arrangements in the midst of our grieving. Luckily our funeral home in Brooklyn can help with the logistics needed to give the dearly departed a dignified memorial.

For more information about our funeral home in Brooklyn, NY, call Bergen Funeral Home today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Funeral Home in Queens, NY

Are you in need of a funeral home in Queens, NY? At Bergen Funeral Service, we offer a selection of quality funeral services at an affordable price. Our compassionate funeral directors will help you with every step of the process so you can focus on what is important; the grieving of your loved one. We understand how difficult the loss of a love one is, so we are dedicated to providing you with a service that will respect and honor the life of your loved one.

For over 50 years, Bergen Funeral Service has been providing warmth and compassion to our bereaving neighbors who come to us. We offer an array of funeral services including religious services, viewings and burial to immediate burial services. Our funeral directors are familiar with every religion’s funeral customs to tailor your funeral service to your needs. 

Bergen Funeral Service has three locations in the New York / New Jersey Area, including Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, and Queens, NY. Our chapel is equipped with state of the art audio and visual equipment to pay final respects with beautiful memorial presentations, with photographs, keepsakes and other media. We also have the means to carry out full religious services, viewings, burial services, and immediate burial services.

At Bergen Funeral Service, we are known shippers, which allows us to schedule flights quickly. Our funeral home in Queens, NY is miles away from Newark International Airport and JFK Airport to ship your loved one home with ease.

For more information on our funeral home in Queens, NY, feel free to call Bergen Funeral Service today at 1-800-262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service- your compassionate funeral home in Queens, NY.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Direct Cremation in Brooklyn, NY

Are you looking for direct cremation in Brooklyn, NY? Cremation is an effective way to deal with the burden of the death of a loved one. If cremation was your loved one's wish, direct cremation in Brooklyn, NY is the option for keeping their remains close to you at all times or even spreading the ashes over a spot the deceased enjoyed in their life. But if you’re looking for something that is cost effective and prompt, a direct cremation in Brooklyn, NY is the answer.

The difference with direct cremation in Brooklyn, NY is the manner by which the body is cremated and how much time goes by in between. With a direct cremation at Bergen Funeral Home, you’ll have the remains of the departed almost instantly. You’re will be presented with the remains quicker than a traditional cremation. And this option is easier on your financial standing.

You may choose to bring your own urn or container to save the remains in, or Bergen Funeral Home will provide you with a basic container to temporarily contain the ashes of your loved one. When you choose a direct cremation in Brooklyn, NY, the process is entirely in your hands. Our compassionate funeral staff will help you every step of this process, from the moment your loved one passes, until the body is cremated. 

At Bergen Funeral home, we understand that the death of a loved one can be the hardest time in any person's life. This issue only becomes significantly more difficult when you are struggling with financial difficulty. All of the payments, bills, and purchases add up quickly and you can lose focus on mourning the deceased and honoring their life. It doesn’t have to be so difficult. At Bergen Funeral Home, we are there to help you through the next step. With direct cremation, you have the time to plan the funeral or memorial service around your schedule and budget.

Contact Bergen Funeral Home today to see if direct cremation in Brooklyn, NY is right for you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Affordable Funeral Service

When a loved one passes, it is exceptionally difficult for everyone in their life. Emotions run high, and then there is also a multitude of decisions to make. If all of that was not enough, now you have to worry about the cost. Traditional funerals can cost upwards of $10,000 on average. When it comes down to it, many people are not financially prepared to spend that amount of money. Bergen Funeral works with families in need of  an affordable funeral service.

Our mindful and sympathetic funeral directors will work with you to help to organize your thoughts, documents, and wishes to create a memorial service for your loved one. We will assist you during your time of need make informed, clear decisions to begin a healthy healing process. 

It may seem like it is not possible to have an inexpensive service that still honors your deceased loved one in a respectful way. Here are ways you can achieve an affordable funeral service:
  • A direct burial is our least expensive option. The body is buried as soon as possible without embalming or a viewing.
  • When you choose a casket, ask our funeral directors about a simple, inexpensive option.
  • Cremations are becoming more widely accepted as a respectful option. An average cremation can cost between $700 and $1,200, which is a considerable amount less that other options.
When a loved one passes, you do not want to have to worry about all of the expensive costs of funeral services. At Bergen Funeral home, we offer options that will fit any family's budget.

For more information about our affordable funeral service, call Bergen Funeral at (800) 262-7901.