Monday, February 19, 2018

Funeral Home in Queens, NY

Finding a funeral home and funeral planning

Are you looking for a funeral home in Queens, NY? It is never easy to find the right funeral home, especially when you have just lost a loved one. The best way to be prepared for such an event, is to do some research now, before you have an immediate need.

Does that mean pre-planning the funeral?

Yes, pre-planning a funeral may be right for you and your friends and family. Most people do not know much about funeral homes or it’s process. The death of a loved one could happen at any time or place and could sometimes be unexpected, giving you little time to understand and plan the process. Sometimes when you know someone you love has a serious illness or is elderly, it may be easier to choose this option before they pass away. Pre-planning a funeral, let’s you make choices and decisions with a clearer mind and heart. You may also want to get the person the services are for, involved in the process so that things are planned to their preferences.
Some basic questions to ask when looking for a funeral home

#1: Who owns the funeral home and how long have they been in business?

It is good to know if the funeral home in Queens, NY is locally owned, if it is an independent, family-owned business, or if it is part of a large, national chain. Talking to the funeral director or company management will give you a sense of how they handle ceremonies surrounding the funeral. You will want to make sure they can handle your religious needs and customs. It may help to get a sense of the employees’ demeanor – are they serious? Sympathetic? Helpful? This may help you understand how they will interact with you during the event.

#2: Are the funeral services handled in-house, or are they sourced to an outside vendor?

Are the services that you are asking the funeral home to perform, being handled by the employees at the facility? Do they use other vendors you have not met, to do certain jobs? If any of the tasks are outsourced, you want to make sure that the companies that they use are reliable. Can they do all that you are asking the funeral home to do? Are there any extra costs by using additional vendors?

#3: How much do funeral services cost?

While funeral costs can vary by regions, they can also be different per funeral home. Make sure to ask if there are funeral packages available, that may be a more cost-effective choice. What is exactly included in the package? Can I substitute or add anything to it? Are there cost changes if I choose to add or substitute something? Ask to see a breakdown of all costs and expenses so that you are comfortable with what is being done and paid for.
Inquire about arrangements that may have additional expense, such as filing official paperwork, coordinating arrangements with your house of worship, or having public notices printed. Funeral services can be a very costly endeavor, so check to see if there are payment options available to you. Must I pay cash? Is there a payment plan? Can several people pay into the funeral costs?

#4: How do I stay in touch with the funeral home? Are you available on a 24/7 basis?

It is very important that the funeral director or an employee from the funeral home be in constant communication with you in the days and even hours, leading to the event. A funeral is often a very tense and emotional affair and it is important that the funeral home answer any questions that may arise, as well as offer support to you and all those grieving at this time.

#5: Is there such a thing as funeral or burial insurance?

Most funeral homes do provide some form of funeral or burial insurance. It is important to discuss this with the funeral home of your choice, as soon as possible. Make sure that you understand all the financial implications as well as services included and offered.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is a reputable funeral home in Queens, NY. Please call 800-262-7901 to speak with a funeral director.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cremation Services

Cremation Services

The days of cremation services being a very private affair are no longer common. In the past, with the death of a loved one - family, friends, neighbors perhaps even colleagues would handle things themselves. They would gather to build a simple, wooden pyre for the cremation, as they mourned. In recent years, this practice has certainly changed.
The most important part of the cremation service, is to give the grieving loved ones, emotional support. Employees in this field have vast experience and are very considerate in helping people during this difficult time. They can offer much needed grief counseling to those that are upset and stressed, which is usually included in the cost of services.
Another important part of cremation services, is answering questions the grieving family may have. Does the state need to approve the cremation? What was the cause of death? What is the legal process for a cremation? Loved ones may find it difficult to handle all the steps on their own, so professionals can answer questions and do the needed paperwork without troubling those grieving.
The crematory can return all the ashes to the family in a temporary container, from which they can decide the final resting place. The loved ones may then decide to transfer the ashes themselves, with no legal restrictions, to a different container or location. They may also decide to have a ceremony acknowledging the deceased, and the cremation services company can help provide a location or items needed for that.

Seeking professional cremation services, can be a much-needed convenience at a time of great grief. It can also be a huge comfort to friends and family involved, giving them emotional support and assistance with legal procedures. Looking into these cremation services can be very important when you lose a loved one. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What to Look for in a Funeral Home in Brooklyn, NY

What to Look for in a Funeral Home in Brooklyn, NY

Funeral Home in Brooklyn
There are many options in terms of a funeral home in Brooklyn, NY. How can you effectively sift through these options and find the right one for your needs? This may be a very stressful, daunting and generally sad period in your life, so finding the right kind of support through impeccable funeral home service is paramount to keeping you and your family afloat during this difficult time. By taking these points into account before settling on a funeral home in Brooklyn, NY, you’ll lessen the strain of having to make a decision.

Figure out the kind of service you want

The sooner you figure out what you want or what the departed wanted, as specifically as possible, the easier it will be to communicate this to a funeral home director and establish the ensuing proceedings. Not only will this give you peace of mind that everything’s being handled professionally and on-time, but it also makes for a much more manageable experience as you are left in control. It’s important in these times to feel that your actions have an immediate and noticeable impact. Finding a team at a funeral home in Brooklyn, NY that is willing to work with all your needs is a crucial part in making this difficult time as stress free as possible.

Options in terms of service and products

It may be rather difficult to look at it this way, but a funeral home is a business. It delivers a service and it even has products which it offers, ranging from flowers to the casket itself, and other offered amenities or funeral service options. You can even employ or retain a priest and other funeral service-related staff through a funeral home in Brooklyn, NY. Any funeral home will advertise the kinds of services and options they will be putting at your disposal, and going through these options you have will ensure you find the right fit for your specific needs.
Catalogues, brochures, websites and other information resources will be of great help to properly assess what kind of a selection they have in terms of funeral products and services. Consult these ahead of time so that you will already know what you need or want, which will help streamline the process. Any resource that can help reduce the time you spend planning should be utilized so you are able to focus on being with friends and family during this time.

It is a very sensible time in anyone’s life, and properly managing not only yourself, but the tasks ahead will ensure a smooth transition through this difficult time. The funeral home in Brooklyn, NY can be a huge part in helping you through this process. Allow these helpful funeral directors to help you plan your final goodbye to your loved one.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Cremation Service in Queens NY

Crеmаtiоn ѕеrviсеѕ аrе рrоvidеd bу еithеr a funеrаl hоmе like Bergen Funeral Home inсludеs аll оf thе vаriоuѕ dеtаilѕ аnd соѕtѕ аѕѕосiаtеd with mеmоriаlizing a lоvеd оnе. During a timе оf griеf, knоwing whаt tо еxресt аnd whаt tо аѕk аt a funеrаl hоmе оr сrеmаtоrу iѕ nоt nесеѕѕаrilу соmmоn knоwlеdgе. Whеthеr уоu want tо hаvе a ѕimрlе оr еlаbоrаtе сrеmаtiоn service in Queens NY, kеер ѕоmе оf thе fоllоwing tiрѕ in mind аѕ уоu еmbаrk оn thiѕ diffiсult рrосеѕѕ.

Bergen Funeral will рrоvidе уоu with a gеnеrаl рriсе liѕt ѕо thаt уоu mау ѕее еасh linе itеm соѕt. Thiѕ will hеlр уоu determine what type of service you should choose. Below you will find the two types of cremation and what those services entail.

This is typically the most expensive service because it combines a traditional funeral service with a cremation, including embalming, body preparation, casket rental, vehicle rental, staff services, transfer fees and the cremation charge itself. The cremation is performed immediately following the funeral service.

Which is also known as a cremation without the ceremony. Your loved one is cremated shortly after their passing, which leaves no costs for viewing or services. This is the most cost effective option, other than a whole body donation, in which case the cremation is done at little to no cost.

At Bergen Funeral Home our cremation service in Queens NY, allows you to give your loved one a dignified celebration of life without imposing a financial strain to you or your family. While it may seem out of the ordinary, planning ahead of time can be vital for those you leave behind. So speak to a funeral director at Bergen Funeral Home ahead of time to handle all of your arrangements and leave your loved ones more time to celebrate your life without the stress and worry that goes into planning a cremation service in Queens NY.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Burial Services Bergen County, NJ

A burial service should be a ceremony meant to honor the life of a cherished loved one. Our professional staff can work with you to provide a proper burial service that highlights a beautiful life and provides a space for family and friends to come together to pay final respects. Since 1962 we have helped our neighbors lay a loved one to rest in a serene setting. Whether you are in need of funeral pre-planning or immediate needs, we can help create a thoughtful & respectful burial service.
Burial Services Bergen County, NJ

We are honored and humbled to offer our space to you and loved ones. Our professional and caring funeral staff works with you to create a ceremony that is both tasteful and mindful of your family and affordable. Our beautiful selection of caskets, headstones, and plaques are available to add a loving, personal touch to a loved one's burial service. Floral arrangements are also available, and we have the capability to provide wonderful audio and visual presentations, as well as photographs and additional personal touches.

Bergen Funeral Service is staffed by professionals who have the experience necessary to help cater the ceremony to you both emotionally and monetarily. We offer a lovely selection of caskets in a variety of colors and textures. We also offer headstones and plaques while remaining within your financial boundaries. Other accouterments such as floral arrangements, programs and prayer cards give the service a unique and personal touch.

A burial is a preferred method which has helped families in honoring the life and heart of a person that has touched their lives. We never lose sight of the importance of the occasion and we are ready to assist with any need. We have diverse burial options and ceremonial styles offered in our lovely facility or another of your choice.
We offer the following types of burial services in North Jersey:
  • Traditional Service – At the funeral service floral tributes are arranged and displayed. Photographs and other memorabilia are encouraged to personalize the service. Our state of the art video and sound equipment is available to enhance this experience.
  • Graveside Service – The funeral service is held at the cemetery. Family and friends meet at the burial site for a brief service. This option is for those who choose not to have a viewing or funeral service at the funeral home or church.
  • Immediate Burial Service – This is the simplest and least expensive of all the burial options. This option is for people who wish to have no type of viewing or Bergen County burial service.
  • Burial with Full Visitation – This includes local transfer of remains from place of death to the funeral home, securing necessary documents, filing the death certificate, embalming, use of the chapel for 4 hours, supervision for visitation, and hearse to a local cemetery. Not included is the memorial package, casket, outer burial container (if necessary), limousine(s), and any cash advance items.
Coming together to embrace the life of a loved one is valuable to the grieving process and yourself. A space filled with love and tenderness helps to alleviate some of pain suffered from a loss, and we are honored to provide such a space to you during this difficult time.

We assist our neighbors with burial service and also can be of service by providing:

We are here to offer our help when you are in need. For more information about burial service in Bergen County NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service today at (800) 262-7901.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

International Funeral Shipping

When a loved one dies in a foreign country, some may choose to repatriate their remains back home to their final resting place. Many people are migrating abroad, the United States being a nation with a large immigrant population. Most of the immigrants choose to repatriate the loved one back home upon death.
International Funeral Shipping 
What does this mean to family members?
Repatriating the body of a loved one back home is not an easy task. You should hire the services of international funeral shipping from us at Bergen Funeral to enable you to get your loved one remains back home. We know that bringing your loved one home can be confusing, so our international funeral shipping services can make it a smooth process.

Why should you choose our international funeral shipping services?
For many years, we have been offering international funeral shipping services across for all cultures and countries. Our extensive expertise and experience has helped many people to recognize us as quality international shipping specialists. Once you place that call or email, our staff will use their experience to cut through the red tape and advise you about our services and affordable cargo airlines we use for transportation. We work closely with all embassies and consulates to make sure we offer you quick and affordable services.

Our services include:

Paperwork and documentation: using our close working relationship with embassies and consulates, we try to understand and help in providing appropriate documentation and paperwork needed during international shipping.

Shipping requirements: each country has different requirements when it comes to international funeral shipping. Knowing the requirements and how they work is critical for your loved one remains to get back home safely. We strive to understand all countries’ requirements to offer quality service to our clients.

Timing: we ensure that your shipping schedule is met on time, this relates to getting documentation on time, getting through the red tape and making sure we satisfy your scheduling needs.

Preservation: we understand the importance of your loved one remains arriving home in  perfect condition. We make sure we offer the best preservation services to achieve that purpose.

With our knowledge, contact, and expertise, we will coordinate everything on your behalf. This means we guarantee you a safe and dignified funeral transportation service for your loved one at no extra cost. If you are on a budget, we will try and match it with our services.

To learn more about out international funeral shipping services or for more information about us at Bergen Funeral, please call us today at 800-262-7901. One of our funeral shipping experts will be happy to speak to you.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Funeral Home in NJ

Perhaps you have decided to choose a funeral home for yourself before it's needed, or a family member's recently passed or is nearing death and you want to find a funeral home quickly. To spare your family the agony of making decisions during the grieving or pressed time, you need to choose a funeral home in NJ. Here is a list of why we consider ourselves at Bergen Funeral to be a wonderful funeral home to choose. In this list, you will discover why you need to choose our funeral home in NJ.

Longstanding reputation
Funeral Home in NJ
It is important to choose a funeral home that has a long-standing reputation for excellence and reliability. We make sure that everything goes as planned. Our staff is trained and certified to provide the caring assistance needed to honor your loved one and create a meaningful celebration of their life.

Personalized services
We go above and beyond your request to make sure we offer you as personalized a service as possible. To help create a meaningful celebration, our staff will come up with creative ideas and all the assistance you need to personalize your event.

Excellent pre-planning
If are pre-planning, we have tailored ideas and arrangements that can fit your financial needs. If you need to transfer your pre-planning arrangements because you have moved to another place, we will arrange your transfer and make sure you won’t suffer any loss of benefits.

Reliable and convenient
Working with a funeral home that is not liable and inconvenient can be frustrating. Our prices, benefits, and arrangement never change in case of anything. There is no hidden cost and once you need our support, we will be there to give you a helping hand.

Walk you through the grief journey
Losing a loved one is painful. You need somebody you trust to walk with you on the grief journey. We will offer needed support during and after the grieving journey. We have an aftercare program that can help you heal and get back on your feet again

There are many tasks associated with funeral homes and final disposition to be able to condiment a meaningful ceremony. Our funeral directors at Bergen Funeral can assist you in taking care of these tasks, easing your burden. Becoming a member of our funeral home has many benefits that stated on this list, visit our website to find more about what we do and how you can benefit.

To learn more about Bergen Funeral as a funeral home in NJ, please don't hesitate to call is today at (800) 262-7901. One of our funeral directors will be ready to speak to you.