Monday, October 16, 2017

Direct Cremation in NJ

Giving the proper burial service for your departed loved one is a tough predicament. Burial services can be very emotional for your family. Sometimes the cost for funeral services becomes too much and brings in more stress than needed especially during this sensitive time. As of recently, some families are looking for alternative burial options at an affordable price. Direct cremation is a common option families choose for their departed loved one. 

Direct Cremation in NJ
Direct cremation in NJ is a service you would need to get from a trusted and experienced funeral home, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has over 50 years of direct cremation services in NJ, and our compassionate staff are there with you through the entire process. Direct cremation doesn't allow for a funeral service, since your loved one would be cremated after they have departed from this world.

Although there is no funeral or memorial service this doesn't mean you don't have to celebrate their life the way your family wishes. Our direct cremation in NJ allows you to be reunited with your loved one in a timely matter.

Direct cremation doesn't allow for visitation or viewing of the body. You can choose an urn that you would like your loved ones remains to be placed before the service. Like any other funeral, you will need to have a death certificate before cremation takes place. Once the service is complete, we will bring your loved to you and it is your choice on how to honor their life.

Our sympathetic staff at Bergen Funeral understand how difficult this time is for your family. We offer a free quote that can fit the needs of  your family's budget. Our staff is here to help ease any burdens you bare and guide you through the entire process.

For more information about our direct cremation in NJ or if you have an particular questions about our other services, contact Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at (800)-262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. - Your compassionate provider for Direct Cremation in NJ.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mortuary Shipping

Nowadays, families live states and states apart, only coming together on those special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversaries and more. However, when a loved one passes away, it becomes a problem for family members that want them back home. The families of the deceased must look for ways to bring their loved ones back home and say their final good-byes. 
Mortuary shipping is a convenient and helpful option for families in such circumstances. As a "known shipper," Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has a strong relationship with airlines and airports. Those relationships allow us to bring your loved one back home to you safely and promptly taking the unneeded stress and worries from your minds. 

Our shipping services also include international funeral shipping, for if your loved one had passed away overseas.

Our compassionate staff are here to help ease the stress you and family may have at the moment. With our mortuary shipping services, your loved one will be brought back with their burial/transfer permit, an communicable disease affidavit, two certified copies of their death certificate and authorization forms. If your loved one's cremated remains are being brought back, they will have two certified copies of their death certificate, two certified copies of their cremation certificate and a non-contraband affidavit. 

The kind and empathetic staff at Bergen Funeral Service Inc. are here to help you and your family through this tough time with the utmost compassion and understanding. Bring your loved one home to you with our mortuary shipping services today.

To learn more about our mortuary shipping services, contact Bergen Funeral Service Inc at (800) 262-7901.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cremation Services in NJ

When it comes to planning for your departed loved ones funeral service, you need to decide which service you want. Nowadays, many people are choosing to have a cremation service rather than traditional burial. If you wish to have cremation services in NJ, you want to receive help from a reliable and kind funeral home.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. can perform the cremation services in NJ you would like. As a family-owned and operated funeral company, we have helped families with their final goodbyes to their lost loved ones since 1962. Our compassionate staff are understanding and empathetic to every families wishes.

Cremation Services in NJ
We assist you through every stage of planning. Our staff will be by your side throughout the cremation process and after the service will have your loved one's remains in the urn of your choice. If you wish to have your loved ones ashes spread, we can help you in scattering their ashes in a place that holds meaning for you and the departed. If you wish to have their urn buried, we can arrange a memorial service and help with the burial service as well.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers three types of cremation services in NJ including complete cremation, immediate cremation and direct cremation. We are familiar with a wide variety of religious traditions and can help reduce the stress of arranging appropriate ceremonies.

To learn more about our cremation services in NJ or inquire about our other services at Bergen Funeral Service Inc., contact us at (800) 262-7901.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Funeral Home in Bergen County, NJ

When it comes time to prepare a memorial service for your lost relative or loved one, you want to ensure that it is a uniquely fitting tribute to the departed.   Our kind and understanding staff at Bergen Funeral Service Inc. can help you with your memorial planning services compassionately and attentively at our funeral home in Bergen County NJ.

As a family owned and operated funeral company, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has helped many families plan beautiful and unique funeral services since 1962. Our funeral staff understand how difficult a loss can be and can sit with you to discuss funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity. 

Funeral Home in Bergen County NJ
Our funeral home is conveniently located in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ just off of Route 17 and can be easily reached from anywhere in Bergen County. This makes it easier for your family and loved ones to get to the memorial service from locations across Northern NJ.

When you sit with our staff and discuss your loved one's final wishes, we can begin arranging their memorial service with photographs, keepsakes and other media. We want to ensure that your loved one's memorial serves as an enduring testament to a life well lived.

Our funeral home in Bergen County NJ, emphasizes the warmth and kindness we provide for any family that comes to us during their hour of need. Our staff works hard to alleviate some of the stress you and family might face during this difficult time by working out the more challenging aspects of arranging a funeral service for you. Our chapel is large enough to accommodate many friends and family comfortably so that you can freely invite as many people as you feel necessary.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers other services including burial and cremation. We also provide domestic and international shipping if you wish to have your loved one brought home. Our staff will attend to you and your family with patience, professionalism and care. 

To learn more about our funeral home in Bergen County NJ or to inquire more about our other services at Bergen Funeral Service Inc., contact us at (800) 262-7901.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cremation in Bergen County NJ

You and your family find out about the loss of your loved one and it's a hard thought to process. You and your family look into burial services that are affordable. Have you considered cremation in Bergen County NJ?

Cremation in Bergen County NJ
Bergen Funeral Service is here to assist you through this difficult time. Nowadays, many people are choosing to proceed with cremation services rather than traditional burial. Bergen Funeral Service is here to guide you and your family through the cremation process.

Our professional staff will assist with ceremony arrangements you would like. Through our cremation process, we place your loved one's ashes an the urn of your choosing. If you wish, we can help spread your loved ones ashes in a location they held dear in life.

Bergen Funeral Service offers three types of cremation services including Complete Cremation, Direct Cremation and Immediate Cremation. No matter what service you choose, our staff will be right behind you and assist in any way they can. If you are worried about cremation costs, don't stress yourself. We can provide a package cremation in Bergen County NJ that meets your budget.

Bergen Funeral Service offers other burial services if cremation in Bergen County NJ is not what you would like. We can arrange any memorial service to fit with your cultural and religious traditions. It is a time for mourning and remembrance for you and your family. Allow Bergen Funeral Service help you in your time of need.

To learn more about our cremation in Bergen County NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service – Your trusted funeral service for Cremation in Bergen County NJ.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cremation Cost in Bergen County NJ

If your loved one wished to be cremated in the time of their passing, you and your family must begint are looking for a funeral home with an affordable cremation cost in Bergen County NJ. Where can you get a reliable, compassionate cremation service near you? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is here to assist you and your family with all the necessary funeral preparations and ceremonies during this difficult time..

Cremation Cost in Bergen County NJ
Cremation is fast gaining acceptance from different corners of the world as a preferred method of burial services that is affordable and efficient. We know that cremation cost in Bergen County NJ is a big concern at the moment. However, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers an array of cremation options at reasonable costs.

Our professional staff can help you and your family with prepping the memorial service. We offer three types of services including: Complete Cremation, Immediate Cremation and Direct Cremation. We want to help you in any way we can.

If your loved one has passed overseas, Bergen Funeral Service Inc can help bring them back home with our International Funeral Shipping. We can adapt our services to a variety of different religious and cultural traditions for the ceremony. From spreading your loved ones ashes at a place they enjoyed visiting or a simple burial service for your loved one's urn.

No matter what the situation may be, we want to help you in this time of mourning and reflection on the wonderful life of someone special

If you would like more information about our cremation cost in Bergen County NJ, contact Bergen Funeral Service Inc at (800) 262-7901.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Funeral Cost in Bergen County NJ

Losing a loved one or someone close to the heart is a difficult process. With everything happening at once, you and your loved ones have to come together to plan a fitting memorable funeral service for that special person. There's also the thought of the funeral cost in Bergen County NJ and where to hold the ceremony. Bergen Funeral Service Inc is here to help you through this distressing time.

We at Bergen Funeral Service Inc understand that this is a time of mourning for you and your family. Our professional staff at Bergen Funeral has provided funeral services for many years. Our funeral directors are there to assist you through every step of the planning process and reduce any added stress. 

Funeral Cost in Bergen County NJ
Here are some of the many services that Bergen Funeral Service Inc. have performed for our clients:

International Services

If your loved one has passed away in another country and you wish to bring them back home, Bergen Funeral Service has International Shipping service that can assist you. We work with airlines to ensure that your loved one is brought back to you safely, promptly and within your means. 

Funeral Services

Bergen Funeral Service wants you and your family to be able to reflect on the wonderful life of your dearly parted one. To that end, we offer a number of different funeral services choose from in order to give them a fitting memorial. This variety includes an array of different funeral costs in order so that you can properly bid farewell to your loved one without undue financial strain.


If your loved one had discussed their wish to be cremated in the time of their passing, Bergen Funeral has a variety of affordable cremation services. You can choose for an array of urns in which to store your loved one's ashes. We are experienced at performing cremation services in accordance to a variety of different cultural and religious traditions.


One way to reduce funeral cost is to pay for services in advance. You can pre-select a burial plot at a favored cemetery and you can make payments for any or all of our funeral services in advance so that your loved ones will not have to make financial decisions at an emotionally difficult time.

If you would like to know more about our funeral cost in Bergen County NJ at Bergen Funeral Service Inc, contact us at (800) 262-7901.

Friday, July 7, 2017

International Funeral Shipping Cost

Making funeral arrangements is a difficult process for most people. It's even more difficult if the person has passed away in another country. Fortunately, there is a way to bring your loved one back home... International Funeral Shipping.
International Funeral Shipping Cost
The international funeral shipping cost can be affordable if you work with the right funeral service. Bergen Funeral Service has extensive experience bringing peoples' loved ones back home quickly and reliably. We have existing relationships with airports and customs officials across the country, so that we can complete the process smoothly. Bergen Funeral Services has locations in New Jersey, New York, and Florida.

Bergen Funeral Service is a "known-shipper," which means we are authorized to use the services of major airlines to bring your loved one home. We understand the customs processes and, because of our reputation, rarely run into any complications.

Bergen Funeral Service,  international funeral shipping cost can be manageable. As an international funeral shipping provider, we can take care of all the tough work which includes all of the phone calls, paperwork, and permit acquisitions. We will deal with the receiving parties so that you can focus on your family and loved ones.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family, which is why we are here for you.

If you have any questions about international funeral shipping cost or our services, please don’t hesitate to give Bergen Funeral Service a call at (800) 262-7901

We are available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cremation Services in NJ

Many people are choosing cremation over casket burial. Cremation is being more and more widely accepted as it is affordable and it offers portability of the remains. 

Bergen Funeral Service’s Cremation Services in NJ help you with almost everything from transporting the body to the crematory, making arrangements for the cremation, transferring the remains to an urn or receptacle of your choice, organizing the memorial service as per your needs, and other details of your cremation services in NJ, major or minor.

The Cremation Process

Cremation Services in NJ
Before the body is ready for cremation, there are a lot of formalities like transportation of the body to the crematory, preparation of death certificate and other errands. It can be very difficult for one person to handle, and hiring an experienced cremation service company removes the undue strain. A cremation service company takes this entire burden off you and handles all kinds of formalities themselves. 

The remains of the deceased are stored in an urn. Bergen Funeral Service can help you select an appropriate urn based upon your budget and the desires of the departed and their family. If you want to use one of your ancestral urns, we can make arrangements. 

The Memorial Service

Bergen Funeral Service can make arrangements for how to handle the cremation itself as well as the funeral service. We can also arrange the memorial service to fit with familial, cultural and religious traditions of your choice.  We also offer scattering and burial if you so choose.

To learn more about our cremation services in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service – Your trusted Cremation Services in NJ.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mortuary Shipping

In today's world, we travel and move great distances on a regular basis. Moving away from our home towns, state, or even country is common these days. Unfortunately, when one dies in some far away place it creates a problem for families who want to bring their loved one home. So, in such a scenario, the families of the deceased always want to have the body back quickly, and the process for receiving and transporting bodies of the deceased from one place to another has always been an uphill task. 

Mortuary Shipping
That’s why our goal is to help your family, relevant authorities, air lines, customs officials and other parties deal with out-of-town deaths as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At Bergen Funeral Service, we take over the stress of the complex mortuary shipping process. We have designed our services in such a way that our shipping experts work directly with you and our extensive services go across regional and international borders.

We are available by phone, day or night, to help you resolve the matter.  Our highly skilled & experienced mortuary shipping experts make sure that all details are sorted out, so families will not have to deal with unnecessary concerns during their such a difficult time.. Our duties involve graceful funeral shipping services & funeral transport services of the physical remains of the body, by air or on land to ensure on time and easy receiving by a grieving family of their deceased family member. Our years of' experience performing mortuary shipping services within the country and international shipping and repatriation services, we have been able to ease the distress of bereaved families through our cost effective mortuary shipping services.

To learn more about Bergen Funeral Service and our mortuary shipping services, please call us today at 800-262-7901. One of our understanding funeral directors will be ready to speak to you. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Funeral Home in NJ

Perhaps you have decided to choose a funeral home for yourself before it's needed, or your family member's death or nearing death and you want to find a funeral home quickly. To spare your family the agony of making decisions during the grieving or pressed time, you need to choose a funeral home in NJ. Here is a list of why we consider ourselves at Bergen Funeral to be a wonderful funeral home to choose. In this list, you will discover why you need to choose our funeral home in NJ.

Longstanding reputation
Funeral Home in NJ
It is important to choose a funeral home that has a long-standing reputation for excellence and liability. We make sure that everything goes as planned. Our staff is trained and certified to provide the caring assistance needed to honor your loved one and create a meaningful celebration of life.

Personalized services
We go above and beyond your request to make sure we offer you a personalized service as possible. To help create a meaning full celebration, our staff will come up with creative ideas and all the assistance you need to personalize your event to be as you want.

Excellent preplanning
If it’s the first time you are preplanning, we have tailored ideas and arrangements that can fit your financial needs. If you need to transfer your preplanning arrangements because you have moved to another place, we will arrange your transfer and make sure you won’t suffer any loss of benefits.

Reliable and convenient
Working with a funeral home that is not liable and inconvenient can be frustrating. Our prices, benefits, and arrangement never change in case of anything. There is no hidden cost and once you need our support, we will be there to give you a helping hand.

Walk you through the grief journey
Losing a loved one is painful. You need somebody you trust to walk with you on the grief journey. We will offer needed support during and after the grieving journey. We have an aftercare program that can help you heal and get back on your feet again

There are many tasks associated with funeral homes and final disposition to be able to condiment a meaningful ceremony. Our funeral directors at Bergen Funeral can assist you in taking care of these tasks, easing your burden. Becoming a member of our funeral home has many benefits that stated on this list, visit our website to find more about what we do and how you can benefit.

To learn more about Bergen Funeral as a funeral home in NJ, please don't hesitate to call is today at (800) 262-7901. One of our funeral directors will be ready to speak to you. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Planning Ahead with Your Funeral Home in NJ

Death is one of life’s few certainties. And while we know that we can’t prevent it forever, we can prepare for it. By putting measures in place in advance, we can make the mourning process easier on our loved ones both in terms of managing costs and arranging a proper funeral. Here are a few ways to plan ahead…

Pre-Pay for Your Funeral – Setting aside some additional money to pay for your funeral will ensure that they money is there when it is needed. It’s possible to arrange pre-payment with a funeral home in NJ to ensure that the money goes where it needs to go. A nice benefit of this plan is that, if you pay in advance, the costs will not rise with inflation, preventing the costs from escalating over time.

Accidental Death Insurance - If a loved one dies in an accident covered by insurance, their family will receive a financial benefit that will cover the cost of the funeral and other financial needs like mortgages, rent and living expenses.

Design Your Memorial Service in Advance – Funeral homes offer families the opportunity to prepare and pre-pay their funeral arrangements. This can include directions for religious ceremonies, readings, audio or video messages and more. Making your desires known in advance means that the strain of planning the memorial falls away from your loved ones and onto the capable shoulders of experienced funeral directors.

Preparing for Cremation or Burial – Arrangements for burial or cremation can be made in advance including the selection of a casket or an urn. Additionally, you can purchase a plot in a cemetery long before it is necessary.

To speak with our Funeral Home in NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800)262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service – Your Trusted Funeral Home in NJ

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Write a Eulogy

There are several different approaches you could take to writing a eulogy. What’s most important is to be respectful to both the departed and the mourners in attendance at the funeral. Here are a few points from our funeral service in nj has learned over our decades of experience:

Your Audience Understands This Isn’t Easy – The people you will be speaking to are in the same boat you are, they are in mourning. They understand how difficult it is for you to speak and they appreciate that you are taking the time and the effort to do so despite how you are feeling. So long as you are respectful, you will be appreciated.

It’s Better to be Too Short than Too Long – Short and sweet will go over a lot better than a long speech. That doesn’t mean say under 100 words, but it does mean that when in doubt whether or not to add something more to your eulogy it’s better to move the funeral along than to risk tiring your listeners during a trying time.

Don’t Be Afraid to say “No.” – If you feel truly unprepared to give a eulogy, don’t be afraid to decline. Mourning is hard, perhaps the hardest thing you will ever do. Some people are more suited to giving eulogies than others, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care. It might mean that you are overwhelmed by how much you care. Passing the torch to someone who feels better equipped to handle the eulogy isn’t a sign of cowardice, it’s a sign of respect that you want to give your loved one and those in mourning the best memorial possible.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help – Not everyone is a born writer. If you need help writing a eulogy or personalizing your memorial in any way, ask one of the experts at our funeral service in NJ.

Here are a few tried and true elements you can include in your eulogy...

Recount How You Met – Every relationship has a beginning that lead to so much more. When telling someone’s story, beginning at the beginning can be simple and effective.

Tell an Anecdote – Memories are stories and good memories make for good stories. For many people one individual story tells us a wealth about what they were like in life. For a charitable person, one act of charity can help us remember how charitable they were. For a funny person, telling a story of a particularly funny thing they did will remind mourners of the joy they brought them. Once you’ve told your anecdote you can provide a bigger picture of your loved one that will be appreciated by everyone in attendance.

Share What You’ve Learned from Them – We learn a lot from the people in our lives and people who have impacted us the most are often the best teachers. Sharing what they’ve taught you with their loved ones can be a powerful memorial.

Read a Poem – Was there a poem that particularly reminds you of the departed? Share it. Song lyrics? Read them. Make sure that they are respectful and evocative and a reading can do a lot.

To learn more about how to write a eulogy or plan other elements of your funeral service in nj, call Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at (800)262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service - Your Trusted funeral service in NJ.

Friday, May 5, 2017

What to Do When a Loved One Dies

Death is a sad but inevitable part of life. Sometimes we have time to prepare, but often it happens suddenly. But no matter how prepared we might be, the actual experience can leave us confused about how to proceed. Here are a few suggestions we can provide to help you cope with this difficult time.

Who to Call?

If you are at a hospital or hospice, the best and easiest thing to do is to get the attention of a nurse. If you are elsewhere, however, you should call 911 immediately. If you have a Do Not Resuscitate document, now is the time to get it.  If the person is an organ donor, make sure to let the doctors or paramedics know so that your loved one can help save lives as they desired in life. At this point it’s important to contact close family members who need to know what has happened.

Handle the Small Details

While it might seem insignificant, it’s important to secure your loved one’s possessions including any valuables, vehicles and property. If they had any pets, it’s important to find someone to take care of them until long-term arrangements for their care can be made. In these situations, many people are willing to step up to help.

Contact a Funeral Service

Now that immediate arrangements are made for the body and the family is contacted, it’s important to find a funeral service to help you handle all the important details of how to handle any ceremonies, cremation, or burial. This is an opportunity to take the burden of handling the death from your shoulders and hand them over to an expert. If you loved one has a prepaid funeral plan, accidental death insurance, or you need help with funeral finance, the funeral service expert will make the necessary arrangements so that you don’t have to worry about money during this difficult time. Be sure to let the funeral director know of any wishes your loved one had for their own funeral so that they can be carried out.

Decide on a Memorial

With the help of your funeral expert, you can decide on how to handle the remains, how to choose a memorial service, purchasing a coffin, urn or headstone and other details.  If your loved one is a veteran, our funeral services in NJ and NY include helping you make the special arrangements necessary for a military funeral. We can also work with you ensure that any necessary religious obligations are met.

Bergen Funeral Service has been helping grieving families and individuals handle the loss of loved ones with compassion and dignity for decades.

To speak with a funeral professional at our funeral home in NJ, Brooklyn or Queens at any time, day or night, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800)262-7901.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Funeral Home in NJ

Death is inevitably a part of all our lives. Once a person’s time lapses, it comes naturally or accidentally. No matter one’s socio-economic, political or religious status; it is what everybody is bound to witness without bargaining.  In this regard, decision as regards funeral is one important after-life event one should prepare beforehand, or leave it people behind to do justice to it.  

Since death is constant, knowing few things about funeral home can be beneficial especially when it comes to service selection. This helps to make right decision even during the sad mood after the demise of the loved one.

Today we at Bergen Funeral want to lay out what you should know about a funeral home in NJ before settling on one. 

Funeral Home in NJ 
A funeral home is professionals saddled with the responsibility of making sure everything about a deceased person goes as planned. From memorial services to burials, we do everything possible to help the local community when loved ones have passed on. You need to consider the following when choosing a funeral home.

  • The guest list: Having a rough estimate of people that will attend is one important thing you need to take into consideration before anything. This would you in choosing the right location for the reception and the funeral home that would be perfect for the service in you want to avoid the embarrassment a small or inconvenient location gives to people who lack proper planning.
  • The second important aspect is choosing the location for the funeral. One thing you should keep in mind is that the funeral location should not necessary be far or near the house of the deceased. For a funeral home in NJ, you have us at Bergen Funeral. As far there is a proper arrangement, it can be done anywhere. Whichever way you choose, the funeral home that you choose should be in a place that is convenient for mourners or you could choose one that is closer to the place where the deceased would be buried.
  • Once you know the location, carefully choose the funeral home. With the help of the professional advice given by them, you will find out it’s so easy to plan a funeral. Though, some may say there are cheaper means to plan a funeral; but allowing the professionals to do the arrangements is by far the easiest way to go - both figuratively and literally. They bridge the gap between the wishes of the deceased and the surviving family members and give a funeral that meets both demands.
  • If you plan to have both the ceremony and the reception at the funeral home, you would need to check out all the options to know if it suits your demands. Compare what each funeral home is capable of giving by making a direct contact via telephone to make inquiry on specific questions after you have gone through their website. We have many options that we will be happy to run down with you one by one. 

The main purpose of a funeral is to celebrate a person's life after death. Planning the right type of funeral that can give comfort to friends and family does not require you a huge commitment, the only thing you need to do to make the day memorable and have a befitting outing is to allow the professionals help you out.

To learn more about our funeral home in NJ, please call us at Bergen Funeral today at 800-262-7901. One of our funeral directors will be ready to speak to you. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Funeral Home Rockland County, NY

Of course having to plan a funeral can take its toll on a person. From choosing the final resting place to all that goes into a memorial, can make it such a trying and frustrating time. There are certain things one would need to consider when making funeral arrangements for their loved one. This process can be even more frustrating if the deceased has never expressed their wishes for their final resting place or means of burial. With Bergen Funeral, as your funeral home in Rockland county, NY, you don't have to go thought it alone. 

Funeral Home Rockland County, NY
Planning a funeral can indeed be one of the most stressful things for a family to have to go through, especially when a death is unexpected or sudden. Working with our professional funeral home director can help lessen the burden and allow the family the appropriate time to grieve while providing a memorable service for their loved one. Our funeral directors will help you explore all your options, including casket type, embalming, cremation, religious services and the final resting place. With us at Bergen Funeral you can trust we'll make the entire process of planning a funeral uncomplicated and will reduce the anxiety associated with losing a loved one.

When you hire the services of our funeral home, you will be offered a variety of burial and funeral services intended to help you dispose of your loved one's remains in the manner you choose. There are a considerable number of goods and services offered by a funeral home, but not all will be selected by individual families. Since each family is unique and each death is unique; each funeral service has to be unique. The type of goods and services chosen by the family will also be unique, depending on the wishes of the family and/or of the deceased. Families can customize the funeral service according to their needs, choosing from a range of services that best honor their loved one's memory.

No doubt, the death of a loved one is a really difficult time for families and many people are unsure about the process of planning a funeral. Typically, the family will work closely with the one of our funeral directors who will ensure that their loved one's funeral services are planned in accordance with their wishes. The funeral director can help you choose the services to honor your loved one in the most solemn, memorable and dignified way possible. Hiring the services of Bergen Funeral is indeed very advantageous as we will retrieve the corpse from the place of death and transport it to our funeral home. It is in the funeral home where the body will be prepared for proper disposal. The funeral director will explain all of the available options to you as the family, and help you with making the right choices for your loved one. If the body is to be cremated, we will be responsible for transporting the body to the crematorium. The funeral home director will gather information from the family to prepare the necessary paperwork and ensure that all the paperwork is filled out and duly filed with the appropriate authorities. 

Apart from all this, since a funeral ceremony or memorial service does not have to be held in a funeral home or place of worship, it can be at a home, cemetery, park or garden. The funeral home can help you decide where you want it to be and advise you on the arrangements that need to be made. A funeral is intended to celebrate a person's life so having the right plans can give comfort to friends and family while remembering the deceased. We at Bergen Funeral can provide all the help you need to make the funeral day a day to remember without bridging your pockets.

To learn more about our funeral home in Rockland county, NY, please call us today at 800-262-7901. One of our funeral directors will be ready to speak to you. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cremation Service in NJ

When you’re planning a cremation service, choosing a cremation service can be difficult as you have a lot on our mind. Today at Bergen Funeral we'd like to discuss our facility and the benefits of choosing us for cremation service in NJ

Facilities and Services
Our employees and directors' aim is to be as helpful as possible and they are able to guide you through everything. Can assist you by letting you know about all the services that we have and you can choose what services out of those you wish to have. If you have not been to a cremation before, you should know that the process of cremation differs widely from that of a funeral. It does not involve any pre-funeral like events. Also, the funeral involves various arrangements and it usually involves the presence of many people. During cremation, only a few close family members are advised to be present and a simple memorial service can be held later.
Cremation Service in NJ

The location
We are located in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ close to many major towns in north New Jersey. 

The next factor to consider is what will be the size of the gathering. Some people prefer just family members while some would like all their family, friends and colleagues to be there. After considering what will be most suitable the list of people will have to be prepared. Depending upon the size you’ll have to provide this number to us so that arrangements can be made. 

But no matter what the size of the gathering, we can handle it, all you have to do is let us know in advance.

Although the expenses are minimal, if you have never had or witnessed a direct cremation earlier,you should know about the expenses. It is clear that the cost of a casket, funeral preparations, and spot in a burial ground is saved. However, if you want to intend to bury the cremated remains for the sake of memory you will have to deal with the cost of the headstone but as it would not take a lot of space it is still not as costly as a proper burial. The rest of the expenses would include optional memorial service arrangements. The transportation and death certificate expense is already managed by our staff within the nominal fee that you pay them. 

Additional Arrangements
Transporting the body to the crematory, death certificate formalities and other chores are all handled and assisted by the staff present at the crematory and it is all done at a very minimal fee. It is just a fraction of what you would have spent during a proper funeral. If you want to associate with a funeral home however to plan a direct cremation, we can do the same (transporting the body and death certificate) at a minimal amount too. 

In addition to all the formal arrangements we also offer an understanding and emotional care that has been unparalleled. We know you're going through trying times, so we offer our shoulder to lean on.

To learn more about our funeral home, or for more in formation about our cremation service in NJ, please call us today at 800-262-7901. One of our staff members will be ready to speak to you.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Funeral Shipping

The loss of a loved one is never an easy experience. The burdens of preparing for a funeral are difficult enough when a loved one passes away nearby, but the complications that come to mind when they do so a long distance away can seem both unfair and overwhelming. 

Thankfully, many funeral homes offer funeral shipping that handle the logistics of moving your loved one’s remains across the country and even the world in a timely manner so that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary strain during your time of need. An experienced and capable funeral staff can ensure that your loved one’s remains are handled with the utmost care so that you can make the necessary arrangements as you see fit both prior to and upon their arrival.

Bergen Funeral have offices in New Jersey, New York and Florida that have extensive experience handling funeral shipping across the country and abroad. We also have strong relationships with colleagues throughout the country so that we can bring your loved one home in a timely manner and with the respect they deserve. Upon request, we will make sure that immediate preservation processes can be handled prior to shipping.  Bergen Funeral also understands which flights are the most time and cost-efficient and we have built strong relationships with airlines to ensure low shipping costs. 

To make arrangements with a funeral shipping expert, seven days a week, day or night, please call Bergen Funeral Service at 800-262-7901.

Bergen Funeral Service – your trusted Funeral Shipping Service in the United States and beyond.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Funeral Home in NJ

Since 1962 we at Bergen Funeral have been a funeral home in NJ. We offer many services to care for your loved one after they have left us. Today we’d like to discuss all your options when you come to us for support.

Burial Services
Funeral Home in NJ 
For many years, families have been using burial as a traditional way of caring physically for their loved ones. Over the years, we’ve learned something that is very unrecognized yet very valuable. A funeral service most of the time considered by family members as an opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one. It doesn’t have to be a big or an elaborate event, it just needs set a stage for family members to go through the healing process that follows.

Many families prefer burial over cremation and they perform it as a tradition, but even if it is not commonly done in your family, burial is a deeply personal decision made by the grieved family. There are many reasons why people prefer burial over cremation. Some of them include:
  • Cremation uses frames to reduce your loved one body to ashes
  • Have a neutral location where the family can visit later date
  • Geographical or religious practices and preferences.
If burial is chosen, whatever think is appropriate for your loved one, we will be with you to make sure we achieve your preferences and help you plan a burial celebration that suits your loved one, family, friends and most of all your budget. We will make sure you celebrate your loved one life in a comfortable and meaningful manner.

At our funeral home, we offer different types of funerals that you might find right for your loved one. With this list, we have a summary of funeral packages we offer.

Traditional Funeral Service
This type of service involves a casket with the body for services, then later a burial service at the cemetery. This service is mostly held the same day, but includes a visitation a day before the actual burial date.

The Cremation Services
This is a package where the body is cremated after the funeral service, no burial takes place. Cremation occurs either before or after the formal services and the urn if presented to the family to arrange the final resting place. The urn can be buried and entombed depending on the family.

A burial doesn’t have to be an elaborate event since the important part is sharing memories and receive, comfort from family and friends when gathered together. This means you don’t have to break the bank when arranging for the burial of your loved one, a simple ceremony where the lifetime achievements and the personality of your loved one are showcased.

To learn more about your funeral home in NJ, please call us at Bergen Funeral today at 800-262-7601. One of our funeral experts will be ready to speak with you.

Monday, March 20, 2017

International Funeral Shipping

When a loved one dies in a foreign country, some may choose to repatriate their remains back home to their final resting place. Many people are migrating abroad, the United States being the nation with a large immigrant population. Most of the immigrants choose to repatriate the loved one back home upon death.
International Funeral Shipping 
What does this mean to family members?
Repatriating the body of a loved one back home is not an easy task. You should hire the services of international funeral shipping from us at Bergen Funeral to enable you to get your loved one remains back home. We know that bringing your loved one home can be confusing, so our international funeral shipping services can make it clearer and easier for you.

Why should you choose our international funeral shipping services?
For many years, we have been offering international funeral shipping services across all cultures and networks. Our extensive expertise and experience has helped many people to recognize us as quality international shipping specialists. Once you place that call or email, our staff will use their experience to cut through the red tape and advise you about our services and affordable cargo airlines we use for transportation. We work closely with all embassies and consulates to make sure we offer you quick and affordable services.

Our services include

Paperwork and documentation: using our close working relationship with embassies and consulates, we try to understand and help in providing appropriate documentation and paperwork needed during international shipping.

Shipping requirements: each country has different requirements when it comes to international shipping. Knowing the requirements and how they work is critical for your loved one remains to get back home safely. We try to understand all countries’ requirements to offer quality service to our clients.

Timing: we ensure that your shipping schedule is met on time, this relates to getting documentation on time, getting through the red tape and making sure we satisfy your scheduling needs.

Preservation: we understand the importance of your loved one remains arriving home in a perfect condition. We make sure we offer the best preservation services to achieve that purpose.

With our knowledge, contact, and expertise, we will coordinate everything on your behalf. This means we guarantee you a safe and dignified funeral transportation service for your loved one at no extra cost. If you are on a budget, we will try and match it with our services.

To learn more about out international funeral shipping services or for more information about us at Bergen Funeral, please call us today at 800-262-7901. One of our funeral shipping experts will be happy to speak to you.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Burial Service in Rockland County, NY

No one wants to think about planning a burial service. It is, however, the final stage of life. Our loved ones will pass away and we usually want to celebrate their life in some way. Planning the funeral of a loved one can be one of the most difficult things one will encounter in this lifetime. The level of emotion and grief in conjunction with the enormous details upon which to be decided can result in even greater turmoil. But, unfortunately, no matter how we're feeling, there are certain arrangements that we must make including funeral burial services. In this case, it is essential to work with a reputable funeral home for a burial service in Rockland County, NY that will compassionately walk you through the process of making final arrangements.

Burial Service in Rockland County, NY 
We at Bergen Funeral have been helping many families for decades with our burial services. Burial services include everything from the coming together in memoriam and prayer to the burying of the deceased. Planning a funeral service completely depends on the cultural and religious preferences of the deceased and their family. While some families choose to have a viewing followed by a service at the funeral home, others will hold a funeral at a house of worship. Still others choose to hold a memorial service following the burial in a place special to the deceased. It's important to note that the substantial differences offered with a burial service allow you to perform several additional services for your loved one. The first is that when erecting a headstone, you also have the option of choosing a monument. If you want to visit your loved one's grave site later, you may wish to customize this for future generations to admire and enjoy. As well, many individuals take comfort in the notion that their loved one is slowly returning to the elements from which they were formed, becoming a part of the earth once more. Whatever your beliefs or preferences, the many benefits of burials allow you and your loved ones to visit a custom site, which can be at a large variety of locations, from local cemeteries to military, religious, or specific geographic areas that suit your needs.

There is no specific burial service that benefits every family's needs. Every burial service is a time for human sharing in its deepest sense. You and the ones you love are at the very center of this process. As you participate in the funeral arrangement services, you are creating a meaningful experience for everyone. Let our funeral directors help you through the burial arrangement process. Since a burial ceremony should be an experience that is a sacred and personal tribute which should honor your loved one's memory. We offer an abundant selection of burial packages including traditional services, graveside services and immediate burials. Here, we understand you might be on a budget and we are here to help you plan your burial service in Rockland County, NY. We understand that a burial service is a preferred method which has helped families in honoring the life and heart of a person that has touched their lives. We will never lose sight of the importance of the occasion and we are ever ready to assist with any need. We offer several burial options and ceremonial styles from traditional Service where tributes are arranged and displayed, photographs and other memorabilia are encouraged to personalize the service, graveside Service which is held at the cemetery with family and friends present at the burial site for a brief service and finally the Immediate Burial Service.

For your burial service in Rockland County, NY contact us at today at 800-262-7901. One of our burial and funeral specialists at Bergen Funeral will be happy to speak to you. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Apostille Services in NJ

An Apostille is a form of certification set out in the 1961 Hague Convention and the United States became its subscriber in 1981. It is a form of numbered fields, which allows the data to be understood by the receiving country regardless of the official language of the issuing country. Today at Bergen Funeral, we’d like to discuss our apostille services in NJ.

When is it needed?
Apostille Services in NJ 
You need this authentication when you are transferring public documents between countries. Apostilles and authentication certificates validate the seal and signature of a Notary on a document so that it can be accepted in a foreign country. Both verify that you held a Notary commission at the time you notarized the document.

The Hague Convention defines public documents as:

Those originating in a court, clerk of a court, public prosecutor or process server, Administrative documents, Notarial acts, and Official certificates placed on documents.

These types of public documents would include birth or death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, school transcripts and diploma or degrees among others.

Who issues an Apostille?
An apostille is issued by your Secretary of State’s office or Notary commissioning agency. The single apostille is the only certification needed. Once prepared and verified, the apostille is attached to and sent along with the notarized documents. This all happens after the notarization and requires no action on your part. You can request for an Apostille in person or via email. The documents will be handled by the appropriate division within this agency. Requests for corporate documents requiring an Apostille should be directed to the Corporations Section.

Where does the Apostille convention apply?
You should know what countries are members of the Apostille Convention. The Apostille Convention only applies if both the country where the public document was issued and the country where the public document is to be used are parties to the Convention. A comprehensive and updated list of the countries where the Apostille Convention applies, or will soon apply, is available in the Apostille Section of The Hague Conference website.

What to do if the country is not a member of the Apostille Convention?

If your public document was issued or is to be used in a country where the Apostille Convention does not apply, you should contact the Embassy or a Consulate of the country where you intend to use the document in order to find out what your options are. This alternative method for Authenticating documents is called Embassy legalization. This process is used for the countries that choose not to be members of the Hague Convention. Since they don’t accept Apostilles you will need to have your documents go through the embassy legalization process instead. This means the documents will have to be certified by the highest levels of the Government prior to being certified by the respective Embassies in the country of origin.

To save both time and money, involve professionals
Going through the authentication process is time-consuming. You will have to research all about the Apostille services if you are not already familiar with it and then begin with the entire process. It is recommended that you hire a professional company to do your work so that you can save time and you don’t have to again in case something goes wrong the first time. We know our work and Bergen Funeral can help you legalize your documents in the least possible time.

To learn more about our apostille services in NJ at Bergen Funeral or for more information about us, please call us today at 800-262-7901. A funeral and apostille expert will be ready to speak with you. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cremation Service Brooklyn, NY

We at Bergen Funeral understand that while some people don’t like the idea of cremation, there are many that see this is a feasible alternative to a traditional burial. There are many reasons why this is so. If you are one of those who have wondered why anyone would want to be cremated or choose this method for someone they love, then you should know that cremation is an alternative to the traditional funeral service. With cremation service in Brooklyn, NY you have many options that you might not be aware of that can help your family through the hard process of losing a loved one.

You can choose to hold a memorial cremation service with your local funeral home this way everyone can come together to say goodbye to the lost loved one, and have a time to reflect on all the memories you have shared together. You can also use a rental casket, and have a viewing of your loved one before the cremation has been performed. This is wonderful because it gives everyone a chance to have one last look at their loved one. Cremation services can be held in your local funeral home, a church, or any other location you fill is the best location to hold your services.

Cremation Service Brooklyn, NY 
Cremation services come with many benefits. The world is becoming ecologically conscious; cremation is widely accepted because it is earth friendly. It is a way of conserving land unlike in the case of burial where bodies are buried in the ground. Cremation services are also cost effective. You do not need a casket to cremate a dead body, no cemetery plot, and no need for headstone. Also, there are no additional funeral costs to be incurred during cremation. If you settle for a casket before cremation, you can always get it  at a good price. In addition, cremation services are simpler because there is no pomp and circumstance as in the case of a normal burial service. Families can always choose the level of cremation ceremony they wish to have and it saves a great deal on time and cash. Apart from the monetary advantages, cremation services have also glowed since they came into the limelight because you can always choose what to do with the ashes. You will find that many people choose to scatter ashes in a place or a room that held a special meaning to a loved one. Many choose to scatter ashes at the sea, local cemetery, mountain top, and family property. This is custom made to ensure that survivors can always visit the place at their convenience in honor of the deceased. Scattering ashes is also a way to keep the memories of the deceased alive.

Through cremation services, families can also make decorative cremation urns. Cremation urn is a wonderful way to remember your loved one and they come in all shapes and sizes. With cremation urns you are able to store the cremation ashes in a container of your choice that will fit your taste. 

Cremation urns come in vase, wood, marble, photo, bronze, and many other materials and formats. They are treasured and great art pieces that can be used in a home. Once you have chosen to cremate your loved one, you should also choose to get it done by professionals who know the ins and outs of it.

To learn more about us at Bergen Funeral or for more information about our cremation service in Brooklyn, NY please call us today at 800-262-7901. One of our professionals will be happy to speak to you.