Friday, November 23, 2018

Cremation Service in NJ

The Cremation Process
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Cremation process may take two or three hours for completion, usually done in the cremators offered by funeral homes. Cremators usually contain two chambers and a cooling tray, some have three chambers. In accordance with the Health Department Regulation, the coffin is cremated separately in the first chamber, or we may say that only one coffin is cremated inside the first chamber at one time.

After completion of the first chamber cremation process, the relocation of remains occurs in the second chamber to remove the residue from the coffin. Once this process is complete, the remains (commonly known as Ashes) of the corpse are placed into the cooling tray for sometimes for cooling. Once done, the non-consumed metallic content such as coffin nails and joint implants are separated and collected. The process is carried manually and with the help of a strong magnet as well.

Finally, these remains are processed further to get the fine powder. The remains are placed in the temporary container and handed over to the family for disposal.

Prerequisites for Cremation

1- As cremation is an irreversible process, certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled for this process.

2- Filing of required legal documents such as death certificate and permission for cremation from the corpse family.

3- Cremation may have a waiting period of 24 to 48 hours, in some states, as the determination of the death cause is impossible after cremation.

4- Cremation may require the casket or container in specific cases.

5- Cremation containers should be strapping to ensure the protection of operators involved in handling crematory boxes.

6- Remove jewelry items before the cremation process because metals will be damaged during the process.

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