Monday, December 30, 2013

The Lighter Sides of Coffins

Coffins are a sign of final resting. Most traditional examples are hardwood with metal accents, giving a very refined look. Some people have wanted to shy away from these ideals and instead have chosen more personalized caskets. One railway enthusiast in England commissioned a coffin that resembles a train's passenger car. In Ghana, it is a tradition to include fun and colors that are often based on local culture. If you're a big enough Star Trek fan, perhaps your choice would be a Star Trek themed casket inspired by the famous Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. A company named “Cruisin Casket” has designed car-shaped coffins that feature functioning wheels. These can be designed for any model car you desire. A traditional coffin manufacturer, Vic Fearn & Company, has recently started to manufacturer custom caskets. They can create anything you can think of from a cellphone, to a purse, even a guitar. There is even a coffin available for the members of the Kiss Army. If you prefer the more expensive things in life then you can opt for a 14-karat solid gold coffin.
These coffins offer people more options about their passing, and the way in which they want to leave the world. The price and availability of these also vary greatly. If you have any questions about funeral services in NJ call Bergen Funeral Service today, and we will give you our full attention in this difficult time.

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