Monday, December 16, 2013

African Burial Customs

When a loved one passes away far from home, this is an additional worry that is the last thing that needs to be on the minds of family and friends of the deceased. To help return the departed back home, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. provides international funeral shipping all over the globe, including to Africa.

Depending on the region the person is from, there are a variety of customs that are followed by Africans when a person passes away. According to the Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, the African burial rites include sending away the departed with two pleas: the first asks the deceased not to bring trouble to those who are still living, and the second asks the deceased to strengthening life on earth and those who favor it.

When it comes to burial services, there are many traditions that are involved, but one of the most common concepts in Africa includes that funeral and burial rites exist to mourn the dead, but also to celebrate the life of the deceased.

Other traditions vary from community to community. In some communities, family members stand on one side of the grave, while everyone else in attendance at the funeral stands on the other side. Other communities do not allow children and unmarried adults to attend funerals. In southern Africa, there is a time of strict mourning that must continue one week after the funeral.

No matter where a person is from in Africa, funerals involve entire communities. Everyone shares the grief after a person passes away.

Burial services are geared toward helping the deceased make a smooth transition from the earthly world to the afterlife. To help with this transition, sometimes personal items will be buried with the deceased.

At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., our funeral professionals want to help loved ones who have passed away return back to their families and homes. If you need help bringing the deceased back to Africa, contact our professionals. Our professionals are knowledgeable about the many different customs and traditions of a variety of cultures for funeral shipping in Africa.

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