Thursday, December 19, 2013

Islamic Funeral Traditions

Bangladesh citizens are primarily followers of Islam (90% Muslim), and Hinduism (8.2%). The development of Islam in Bangladesh developed independently from the dominant Islam trends in India. The preservation of pre-Islamic customs from Buddhism and Hinduism are wheat make commitment to Islam unique in Bangladesh. It is a common Muslim belief that good deeds done will yield entry into Paradise on the Day of Judgment. When someone of Islamic faith dies there are preparations and ceremonies that are taken.
  • According to Islamic law, the deceased's body should be buried as soon as possible. This means that funeral preparations and planning should start immediately. If a person would like their family member to be buried in their homeland, companies do offer funeral shipping to Bangladesh.
  • Organ donation is generally accepted in the Muslim faith, because it follows the teachings of the Qur'an, “Whosoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind”.
  • Embalming and cosmetology are not permitted in the Islamic faith, but some state and federal laws require it. Cremation is forbidden in the Muslim faith
  • The post-funeral mourning period lasts 40 days, but may be shorter depending on the family's degree of religiousness. After the funeral and burial, the immediate family gathers and receives visitors.

When a culture and religion have such esteem for their traditions, especially in the case of burial, it is important to find a funeral company that treats with the matter with the same respect. Bergen Funeral Services is well versed in all religious burial ceremonies, and perform each service with the same amount of dignified respect.

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