Friday, October 11, 2013

Post Cremation Suggestions

There are more options of what you are able to do when you choose cremation over traditional burial. After a cremation service, your loved ones remains are given to you and your family. From there it is up to your family what you would like to do with the remains.

Here are some suggestions you can do with the cremated remains:

  • Scatter on Land: There are many places that may be special to you and your family. This is an option if you want, but there may be some legal issues depending on where you choose.
  • Scatter at Sea: The only cost of this send-off is having a boat take you three miles off the coast. It is a perfect solution for someone who loved the sea. If this is your choice, make sure to use a biodegradable container (paper, cardboard, etc) because the wind could blow the remains back.
  • Cemetery Burial: If you prefer a more traditional approach, many cemeteries do offer smaller burial sites for cremated remains. These plots can still be costly.
  • Keeping the Urn: Your loved one's remains can be enshrined in an elegant ornate urn set in a special spot. 

When considering cremation, it is important that you deal with a company that knows this service needs to be done with dignity and respect. Bergen Funeral Service INC. has been a premier cremation service in Brooklyn for years, offering our customers nothing but the best.

If you have any questions about any of our cremation services in Brooklyn, do not hesitate to call Bergen Funeral Service INC. today.

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