Friday, October 18, 2013

International Funeral Shipping

It can be especially stressful and difficult to deal with funeral arrangements when a loved one passes far from their final resting place. Bergen Funeral Service Inc is a family owned and operated funeral with funeral directors available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to comfort you and help ease you through the tough process. We provide international funeral shipping to anywhere around the world. We are close to three airports and have known shipper status so we can schedule flights quickly.

Many different cultures practice different types of burial ceremonies. Here are some of the more unique types of funerals from around the world:

Viking Burial. One of the most famous funerals was the viking funeral pyre, where warriors were sent out to sea in a burning ship. Although there is no proof that this existed the way we picture, it is likely to have existed to some extent.

Cave Burial. A traditional Hawaiian Island burial consisted of people being tied in the fetal position. Many Hawaiian caves still contain skeletons to this day.

Spirit Offerings. In Thailand and Cambodia, the deceased are placed in spirit houses so that their spirits may watch over the land and their families.

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