Friday, February 8, 2019

Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ

Are you looking for Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ? Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ as a way to reconnect families during this difficult time. As an all-faiths funeral company with extensive experience in funeral customs, ceremonies, memorials and religious prayers, we can help you not only reunite families, but also perform burial rites specific to your religion or culture. Our family-owned and operated funeral home will use dedication and care to ship your loved one to their final resting place whether it's a domestic funeral, interstate funeral shipping or international funeral shipping.

Transporting your deceased loved one’s cremated remains is not particularly as easy as you may think. No, you cannot simply check in the “cremains” (industry-speak for cremated remains) as carry-on baggage at the airport or just send it via the United States Postal Service (USPS) regular mail. Just as with transporting bodies, rules and regulations guide the transportation of cremated remains both locally and internationally either via air or the postal service.

Shipping Cremated Remains Via Air
When shipping cremated remains via an airline either domestically or internationally, you must make sure you meet the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirement. This means that the cremains must be transported in a security-friendly container, so it can pass the routine X-ray scan at the airport without causing a delay.

If you are traveling with the remains, check your airline's rules and regulations to make sure that they allow passengers to carry cremains as check-in baggage or carry-ons. If you are not, then check if the airline carries cremains as air cargo, and make sure that it is properly labeled. In addition, you will also need several original signed documents, such as death certificate, cremation authorization forms and receipt, and a non-contraband affidavit.

Domestic Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ from Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is available in all 50 states. When you contact us for assistance, a funeral director will immediately answer any questions you may have. Our funeral directors are expertly trained in transportation logistics and can make tough and stressful times much easier on you and your family.

International Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ is also offered at our funeral home. At Bergen Funeral Service, we help thousands of families every year send their loved ones home to their final resting place. We have locations in New Jersey, New York and Florida, which makes transportation to any foreign country seamless and stress free.

For more information about Shipping Cremated Remains in NJ by Bergen Funeral, call us today at (800) 262-7901.

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