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International funeral shipping

Are you looking for International Funeral Shipping? Bergen Funeral Service has been offers International Funeral Shipping for many years with dignity and great customer care.

There are cases where people travel to another country and "kick the bucket" during their stay there. They die far away from home but their family and loved ones want their burial rites to be performed in their own country.

With a more mobile society, this is easy to accomplish. This is where international funeral shipping comes in.

What is international funeral shipping?
There are several international funeral shipping companies that work on the shipment process of traveling the deceased from one state line to another or one country to another. The body is embalmed or stored in dry ice to be shipped. The body is then placed in a casket or suitable container for transportation.

Mode of transportation
The remains can either be shipped by land or by air. Moving the deceased by land transportation is only effective when the distance between the locations is not too far. However, some states have laws that require the body to be embalmed before crossing state lines. There are other states that are fine with the body being refrigerated with dry ice or the usage of a refrigerated vehicle for transportation.

Air transportation is efficient when the distance between states or countries is too far. For example, transporting remains from the US to Nigeria.

A funeral home that offers funeral shipping will have to be in contact with an airline (several airline companies offer human remain cargo shipping). They register the remains and obtain airline freight fees. The remains also have to be embalmed or packed with dry ice and placed in a special air-sealed casket.

As easy as it might sound, transportation of the deceased overseas can be very complex. There are customs laws, consulate forms, import and export legislation, and logistic requirements to meet in order to process a body shipment from the US or another country to the receiving country.

Note that two funeral homes have to be involved. The first funeral home will work out the body shipment with cargo airlines and the second funeral home will receive the body shipment once it arrives safely.

What do international funeral shipping providers do?
International funeral shipping providers arrange and organize everything. The body needs to be transported internationally, they make arrangements to collect the deceased from the place of death and transport them to a funeral facility. They prepare for transportation i.e. sealer casket and an approved receiving country shipping container. They handle all the paper work and flight bookings. They make sure the transportation is speedy and develops no issues or setbacks. They also make sure the deceased gets to the receiving funeral home in one piece.

If the international funeral shipping company is very reliable and there are no complications, it takes about 5 work days to finish the whole process.

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