Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cremation Services in NJ

When it comes to planning for your departed loved ones funeral service, you need to decide which service you want. Nowadays, many people are choosing to have a cremation service rather than traditional burial. If you wish to have cremation services in NJ, you want to receive help from a reliable and kind funeral home.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. can perform the cremation services in NJ you would like. As a family-owned and operated funeral company, we have helped families with their final goodbyes to their lost loved ones since 1962. Our compassionate staff are understanding and empathetic to every families wishes.

Cremation Services in NJ
We assist you through every stage of planning. Our staff will be by your side throughout the cremation process and after the service will have your loved one's remains in the urn of your choice. If you wish to have your loved ones ashes spread, we can help you in scattering their ashes in a place that holds meaning for you and the departed. If you wish to have their urn buried, we can arrange a memorial service and help with the burial service as well.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. offers three types of cremation services in NJ including complete cremation, immediate cremation and direct cremation. We are familiar with a wide variety of religious traditions and can help reduce the stress of arranging appropriate ceremonies.

To learn more about our cremation services in NJ or inquire about our other services at Bergen Funeral Service Inc., contact us at (800) 262-7901.

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