Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to Choose a Funeral Home

The first time a loved one passes away in your family, the process of planning a viewing, burial or cremation can be extremely overwhelming. Funeral homes are staffed with professional funeral directors who can help families get through this difficult time period.

If you and your family are searching for a funeral home for the first time, you are going to want to find one that can service all of your requests. Some important considerations to think about include:
  • Will the funeral home be able to accommodate the deceased's religious beliefs?
  • Is there a chapel or other place of worship that the funeral home has on its premises?
  • Does the funeral home offer viewings, burials and cremation services?
  • If my loved one passed away far from home, can the funeral home do anything to help?
  • Funeral services can be very expensive. Are the prices the funeral home offers reasonable?
  • Are the facilities large enough to accommodate my loved one's family and friends?

This list of questions are just some of the things that families should be asking themselves when they are planning services for the deceased.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is a company that has three funeral homes located in the tri-state area, including a funeral home in Brooklyn. At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., our funeral directors have the answer to all of those questions and more.

Our funeral directors are well-versed in every religious custom and tradition, and we have a beautiful chapel in our Brooklyn funeral home.

Additionally, our funeral directors can sit down with you and your family to begin planning the viewing and the burial or cremation services, depending on the wishes of the deceased or your family. We offer several burial options, including traditional, graveside and immediate burial services. We also offer several cremation options for families that include direct cremation, cremation with full visitation and a ceremony at the crematory, scattering and traditional burial.

Our funeral home is also a known shipper with all of the airports in the tri-state area. Our funeral directors can offer your family domestic and international funeral shipping services, which will allow us to prepare your loved one to return to his or her home for burial.

The prices we offer to families of the deceased are very reasonable, and our facilities are large enough to accommodate many people. For more information about our funeral home in Brooklyn, contact the funeral directors at Bergen Funeral Service Inc. today.

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  1. Thanks for the breakdown. I know this isn't the kind of thing most families are anxious to think about when a loved one passes away. It's great when funeral homes take the initiative to make things as easy as possible for the families. Thiago |

  2. I really like the list of questions that you have referred to us. These will certainly be useful to us as we decide on a funeral home. Any advice will be taken for consideration at this point. This is our first time to look into this type of service.

  3. You provide some great services, I love that you guys also respect multiple religions rather then just keeping it to select few. My family has different views on religion and so a neutral funeral would be perfect. Good luck on all your future services, may they be warm and go smoothly.

  4. I like your list of considerations to think about when choosing a funeral home. It seems like finding a funeral home that will accommodate the religious beliefs of your loved one seems really important. I have a friend who is trying to plan a funeral for her mother. Hopefully they will find a good funeral home that will fit their needs.

  5. My family is preparing for the looming need for the services of a funeral home. My dear grandmother has taken a turn for the worst and we are helping to put her affairs in order. The questions that you listed in this post are pertinent to our situation. As per your suggestion, I will be sure to see if the potential funeral home offers viewings, burials, and cremation services. Thank you for having this information available in this important time period.