Monday, November 18, 2013

Help from our Brooklyn Funeral Home

If you are lucky, planning a funeral is not something you need to worry about doing very often. Unfortunately, funerals are as much a certainty as anything can be, and eventually you will need to know how to prepare yourself and your family for one. Bergen Funeral Service Inc has many years of experience helping families go through this challenging and emotional process, and we have a few helpful pointers that can make such a difficult experience more comfortable for you.

When and where is the funeral going to be conducted – is the funeral going to be before burial or after? Are you going to have the service at the funeral home, in a place of worship or somewhere else?

What type of funeral are you having – is there going to be a cremation, an embalming, an open or closed casket?

What material is the casket going to be made out of – wood, metal, will there be a cremation or something else?

Is the ceremony open to friends and family or closed to just a specific few.

What hours and how many times will there be a viewing?

Compose an obituary – go over hobbies, interests and achievements of the deceased in a way that truly reflects how the individual lived.

Make arrangements for the burial – a graveside service with transportation or an intimate cremation both need to be planned, organized and then carried out.

This is an overwhelming time for most people, and we understand that you will need someone to help you through this difficult time. The compassionate and comprehensive service offered by Bergen Funeral Service Inc will take you by the hand and lead you through this ordeal. Call us today and find out what our Brooklyn funeral home can offer you.

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