Friday, November 29, 2013

Funeral Facts and Tips

A funeral is not the kind of event that we must plan frequently or regularly, but we all must be prepared for the eventuality that we will be called upon to oversee and plan the passing of a loved one. The experts at Bergen Funeral Service Inc can help you with this stressful and emotional process so that you can say goodbye in a dignified manner that meets with the wishes of the departed.

Here are some things you should know about funerals:
  • Disposition arrangements are a term used to describe the funeral wishes of a person. A person can make these arrangements for himself or herself, have a legally appointed trustee fulfill them, or a next of kin.
  • A law protects a person’s choices as long as it meets with the requirements of being easily understood and clearly defined and arrangements of the final services.
  • The law does not require embalming, however there are certain standards that non-embalming services must meet.
  • The law does not require the purchase of a casket before a cremation.
  • You are not required to have the body prepared in a funeral home, however home funeral care must meet specific guidelines. Talk to one of our experts if you are interested in this option.
  • A funeral shipping service that is a “known shipper” has connections that can expedite the process of long distance body transportation.

For more information about having everything ready for a funeral, call Bergen Funeral Service Inc today and speak with an expert who can give you insights and assistance about what is required from you.

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