Monday, July 15, 2013

Hindu Funeral Home in Queens Complies with Antyesti Customs

Hindu funeral rites are composed of a variety of sacred customs and traditions that Bergen Funeral Service Inc. can accommodate and fulfill at our Hindu funeral home in Queens, NY.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is a family-owned and operated funeral home with four locations in New Jersey, New York and Florida. Our Queens location is our largest and most newly-renovated facility. We believe this location best suits Hindu funeral customs because of the large number of people who typically come to pay their respects at Hindu funerals.

Our funeral directors at our Hindu funeral home in Queens can provide you with everything you need to carry out the Hindu funeral customs known as Antyesti.

The procedures that make up Antyesti vary, depending on the social group, status and caste of the deceased; however, cremation is the standard practice for Hindu funeral services. Hindus believe that the soul is separated from the body and death, which makes cremation a practical procedure in their funeral customs.

The funeral directors at our Hindu funeral home in Queens are well-versed in many different funeral practices and customs, including Antyesti. We have sensitive, respectful and caring professionals who will help you through all of the stages of planning funeral services for your loved one.

We offer reasonably-priced services and will do everything we can to help comfort you during this difficult time. For more information on the services we provide at our Hindu funeral home in Queens, NY, contact Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at 718-738-8383 today.

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