Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Helpful Facts About International Funeral Shipping

Sometimes after a loved one passes on there are still great distances that must be overcome before he or she is finally laid to rest. The process of international funeral shipping can be intimidating, overwhelming, and confusing for anyone who finds themselves in this situation. Here are some helpful answers from Bergen Funeral Service Inc. that are intended to help make this complicated process as seamless as possible.

Any request for international funeral shipping services must go through the Office of the Consulate General for approval. It usually takes about five business days to ship the remains internationally to the chosen place of resting, and international funeral shipping services can be done with cremated remains as well. A quality international mortuary shipping service provider will be what's called a “known shipper,” because these establishments can schedule flights with major airlines at any time – even on short notice – in order to get your loved one where they belong quickly and efficiently.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has experience with international funeral shipping service that is invaluable to you during this difficult time. We are a “known shipper” just miles away from Newark and JFK international airports, and we offer international mortuary shipping starting at $1,550 with additional options available for any foreign country or domestic location. We are also a TSA - Certified Screening Cargo Facility, meaning we can keep airport waiting days to an absolute minimum.

Our only goal is to assist you with respect and compassion in every way possible, so Bergen Funeral Inc.'s international funeral shipping service makes things as smooth as imaginable for our customers. Speak with us today for a quote or more information on international mortuary shipping services.

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