Monday, February 19, 2018

Funeral Home in Queens, NY

Finding a funeral home and funeral planning

Are you looking for a funeral home in Queens, NY? It is never easy to find the right funeral home, especially when you have just lost a loved one. The best way to be prepared for such an event, is to do some research now, before you have an immediate need.

Does that mean pre-planning the funeral?

Yes, pre-planning a funeral may be right for you and your friends and family. Most people do not know much about funeral homes or it’s process. The death of a loved one could happen at any time or place and could sometimes be unexpected, giving you little time to understand and plan the process. Sometimes when you know someone you love has a serious illness or is elderly, it may be easier to choose this option before they pass away. Pre-planning a funeral, let’s you make choices and decisions with a clearer mind and heart. You may also want to get the person the services are for, involved in the process so that things are planned to their preferences.
Some basic questions to ask when looking for a funeral home

#1: Who owns the funeral home and how long have they been in business?

It is good to know if the funeral home in Queens, NY is locally owned, if it is an independent, family-owned business, or if it is part of a large, national chain. Talking to the funeral director or company management will give you a sense of how they handle ceremonies surrounding the funeral. You will want to make sure they can handle your religious needs and customs. It may help to get a sense of the employees’ demeanor – are they serious? Sympathetic? Helpful? This may help you understand how they will interact with you during the event.

#2: Are the funeral services handled in-house, or are they sourced to an outside vendor?

Are the services that you are asking the funeral home to perform, being handled by the employees at the facility? Do they use other vendors you have not met, to do certain jobs? If any of the tasks are outsourced, you want to make sure that the companies that they use are reliable. Can they do all that you are asking the funeral home to do? Are there any extra costs by using additional vendors?

#3: How much do funeral services cost?

While funeral costs can vary by regions, they can also be different per funeral home. Make sure to ask if there are funeral packages available, that may be a more cost-effective choice. What is exactly included in the package? Can I substitute or add anything to it? Are there cost changes if I choose to add or substitute something? Ask to see a breakdown of all costs and expenses so that you are comfortable with what is being done and paid for.
Inquire about arrangements that may have additional expense, such as filing official paperwork, coordinating arrangements with your house of worship, or having public notices printed. Funeral services can be a very costly endeavor, so check to see if there are payment options available to you. Must I pay cash? Is there a payment plan? Can several people pay into the funeral costs?

#4: How do I stay in touch with the funeral home? Are you available on a 24/7 basis?

It is very important that the funeral director or an employee from the funeral home be in constant communication with you in the days and even hours, leading to the event. A funeral is often a very tense and emotional affair and it is important that the funeral home answer any questions that may arise, as well as offer support to you and all those grieving at this time.

#5: Is there such a thing as funeral or burial insurance?

Most funeral homes do provide some form of funeral or burial insurance. It is important to discuss this with the funeral home of your choice, as soon as possible. Make sure that you understand all the financial implications as well as services included and offered.

Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is a reputable funeral home in Queens, NY. Please call 800-262-7901 to speak with a funeral director.

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