Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cremation Service in NJ

When you’re planning a cremation service, choosing a cremation service can be difficult as you have a lot on our mind. Today at Bergen Funeral we'd like to discuss our facility and the benefits of choosing us for cremation service in NJ

Facilities and Services
Our employees and directors' aim is to be as helpful as possible and they are able to guide you through everything. Can assist you by letting you know about all the services that we have and you can choose what services out of those you wish to have. If you have not been to a cremation before, you should know that the process of cremation differs widely from that of a funeral. It does not involve any pre-funeral like events. Also, the funeral involves various arrangements and it usually involves the presence of many people. During cremation, only a few close family members are advised to be present and a simple memorial service can be held later.
Cremation Service in NJ

The location
We are located in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ close to many major towns in north New Jersey. 

The next factor to consider is what will be the size of the gathering. Some people prefer just family members while some would like all their family, friends and colleagues to be there. After considering what will be most suitable the list of people will have to be prepared. Depending upon the size you’ll have to provide this number to us so that arrangements can be made. 

But no matter what the size of the gathering, we can handle it, all you have to do is let us know in advance.

Although the expenses are minimal, if you have never had or witnessed a direct cremation earlier,you should know about the expenses. It is clear that the cost of a casket, funeral preparations, and spot in a burial ground is saved. However, if you want to intend to bury the cremated remains for the sake of memory you will have to deal with the cost of the headstone but as it would not take a lot of space it is still not as costly as a proper burial. The rest of the expenses would include optional memorial service arrangements. The transportation and death certificate expense is already managed by our staff within the nominal fee that you pay them. 

Additional Arrangements
Transporting the body to the crematory, death certificate formalities and other chores are all handled and assisted by the staff present at the crematory and it is all done at a very minimal fee. It is just a fraction of what you would have spent during a proper funeral. If you want to associate with a funeral home however to plan a direct cremation, we can do the same (transporting the body and death certificate) at a minimal amount too. 

In addition to all the formal arrangements we also offer an understanding and emotional care that has been unparalleled. We know you're going through trying times, so we offer our shoulder to lean on.

To learn more about our funeral home, or for more in formation about our cremation service in NJ, please call us today at 800-262-7901. One of our staff members will be ready to speak to you.

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