Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Funeral Home in Queens

Are you looking for a funeral home in Queens? At Bergen Funeral Service, our compassionate funeral staff will help you through the difficult process of losing a loved one. We understand how important it is to respect the wishes of your loved one, your family and your finances. 

One of the most difficult things to cope with in life is bearing the fortitude of the loss of a loved one. At this point, the least that can be done is to ensure the arrangements for a farewell or funeral service is befitting and memorable. Very few people make their funeral arrangements; this isn’t a surprise considering no one expects an untimely death. However, death is inevitable, and no one is certain about the appointed time of death. 

At Bergen Funeral Services, our funeral home services help the grieved to make the necessary funeral arrangements for their loved ones. We have the required level of experience to ensure that your loved ones are remembered the right way. Our compassionate counselors can elucidate the diverse options available as well as the procedure for the prearrangement of funeral services. 

  • Our funeral home in Queens ensures that the funeral service reflect the desires of the deceased and the grieving family. The funeral service is arranged to bring comfort to surviving relatives and friends. Special readings, videos, pictures, music, and the attendance of loved ones makes the funeral service a memorable one. 
  • We keep family and friends involved in the preparations and arrangements for the funeral service. The order of service secludes time for loved ones to share their memories about the deceased or express their grief. Memories about the well spent life of the deceased are also entertained at the funeral service. The expression of grief and memories is known to bring comfort to surviving friends and family.
  • At Bergen Funeral Services, we offer a selection of funeral services so you can be sure to find a package that works with your family's budget.
  • We will ask the family of the deceased to select their preferred method of disposition. The method of disposition may be that stated by the deceased prior to death or selected by the deceased’s loved ones. Our methods of disposition provided by our funeral home include cremation and/or burial. The wishes of the deceased can be specified in the prearrangement document provided by our funeral home.

Our funeral home in Queens services are there to assist loved ones with the overwhelming task of funeral service arrangements. Our compassionate professionals are trained to offer supportive resources to surviving loved ones.

For more information about our funeral home in Queens or any of our funeral services, call Bergen Funeral Services today.

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