Friday, April 29, 2016

Direct Cremation NJ

Direct cremation in NJ is becoming a more and more popular option for a number of different reasons such as the fact that it saves money. Despite having a general idea of what cremation is – there are still a lot of things people do not know about it. In fact, there are a lot of things people think they know about it that really aren't true. 

Bergen Funeral Service provides a comfortable atmosphere to discuss pre-planning or immediate need direct cremation in NJ. We treat each who walks through our doors with professionalism and compassion, deeply aware of how delicate this topic can be. We explain the process to give you a more full understanding and capability to make clear-minded decisions. At Bergen Funeral Service, we assist you in honoring a passing in a way that both fulfills the wishes of a loved one and remedies any financial concerns you may have.

In order to help you better understand what direct cremation is, you need to know what is fact and what is fiction.

Myth: Cremation involves fire.
Fact: Cremation does not involve fire.

The modern day cremation process is quick, clean, and has nothing to do with fire. In order to cremate a body, it is exposed to extreme temperatures in a furnace designed specifically for cremating bodies. This reduces the body to bone fragments and gases. Then, the bone fragments are placed in a processor which converts them to ashes for the family.

Myth: Cremation is always cheaper.
Fact: The price of cremation varies - however direct cremation in NJ costs much less than any service including a viewing.

In theory, cremation is cheaper than the alternatives. It is not uncommon for someone to want to be embalmed and placed in a casket for a viewing during his or her funeral before he or she is cremated. Direct cremation forgoes any service, instead transporting the recently deceased directly to our crematorium for immediate cremation. This method alleviates many costs associated with a viewing or traditional service preceding the cremation.

Myth: Cremation is eco-friendly.
Fact: This depends on how you look at it.

It is important to understand that most crematoriums still use fossil fuels to cremate a body. You, however, won’t be taking up any space in the ground with cremation as you would with a burial. Truthfully, cremation isn’t anymore or any less eco-friendly than a burial would be.

Direct cremation in NJ is a choice only you should make. It, however, is a good idea for you to understand what is and is not true about the process to make sure you are getting everything you want. 

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