Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Direct Cremation Brooklyn

Cremation in it of itself is incredibly cost effective. Direct cremation in Brooklyn, however, is the easier, faster, and cheaper way to handle the remains of the departed. The direct cremation service is perfect for those looking for a memorial that won’t make them go broke. This is because time is saved from the moment of death to the moment of cremation. As the name implies, the cremation is performed directly after the last breath, if wanted. This gives you control over your grieving and less worry over costs associated with dying.

At Bergen Funeral Services, our funeral professionals will guide you through the entire direct cremation process. When pre-planning or in immediate need, direct cremation in Brooklyn allows for many alternative ceremonies to honor the life and memories of a loved one. We are dedicated professionals serving Brooklyn with affordable cremation services.

How Direct Cremation Saves Money

Well, first consider all of the costs associated with a traditional burial. You’ve got the cemetery plot, casket, body preparation, services, and more. This alone is enough to leave you holding your pocket book. But there are also costs in a traditional cremation that are possible to avoid with a direct service.

Most cremations are done in a funeral home. Meaning, after someone dies, the body is transferred to the funeral parlor. Direct cremation of Brooklyn is performed the moment after the individual dies, and is done in a crematory. This avoidance of the funeral home is the largest reason to consider a direct cremation if you’re tight on money.

Direct Cremation Helps in Other Ways

There is no need for embalming or preparing the body before cremation, for a funeral or wake. This also means that you’ll have complete freedom as to when the memorial service will take place. Time is not an issue. This is especially beneficial for those struggling to face their loss. The extra grieving time can be a big difference.

After the direct cremation in Brooklyn, the body is transferred either into an urn or container you provide, or a simple container we have on site. This also allows you to avoid a large cost. And you can always transfer the ashes into another container later on.

For more information about direct cremation in Brooklyn, call Bergen Funeral Services at (800) 262-7901.

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