Monday, December 28, 2015

Direct Cremation NJ

Direct cremation in NJ is a cost-efficient alternative to traditional burial services. When choosing direct cremation, you remove the more costly and time consuming aspects of the funeral process. At Bergen Funeral, our professional funeral staff will assist you in making informed decisions regarding direct cremation, helping you to understand direct cremation in NJ and the choices to be made regarding it.

The difference here is the manner by which the body is cremated and how much time goes by in between. Direct cremation is performed immediately following autopsy procedures. After, the body is brought to our crematorium and cremated without a service. We then present you with the cremains of your loved one. Because of the timeliness of direct cremation in NJ, you can be reunited with a loved one soon after their passing, planning a service at your pace without the stress of abundant choices to be made.

With a direct cremation, the ceremony can be prepared by you, when you would like. This is an alternative for those with family spread across the country or world. A direct cremation can postpone service until all loved ones can be present to pay their final respects. Because you choose direct cremation in NJ does not mean that a truly meaningful service can not take place. In fact, many who choose this service have done so to offer a more intimate setting, like their home, to provide a ceremony for family and friends. Others still prefer to spread the cremains at a special location. We do advise family to understand all rules and regulations of cities and national parks when considering a location to spread cremains.

Making choices regarding death is not a simple task. At Bergen Funeral, we understand the sensitivity of this topic and seek only to guide you to your heart's wishes. If financial circumstances are an important factor for you, or if you have family and friends who may not be able to pay their final respects, a direct cremation may be the choice for you. We are here to help you through this difficult time. With a direct cremation, you can plan the funeral or memorial service on your timetable.

For more information about affordable direct cremation in NJ, call Bergen Funeral at (201) 343-7900.

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