Monday, November 23, 2015

Cremation Services in NJ

We understand that dealing with the passing of a loved one is a very sensitive matter, and discretion is key. So when deciding how to go about managing their remains it’s best to way all your options. We’re going to explain why cremation services in NJ is good alternative to a more traditional burial. At Bergen Funeral Services, our professional funeral staff is compassionate to all who walk through our doors. In instances of immediate need or funeral pre-planning, we will guide you through options available to you. With our years of experience, we are capable of offering services for all who seek our assistance. Our affordable cremation services in NJ offer respectful choices for you or a loved one. Below, we've provided some information regarding cremation that may help you before speaking with our funeral staff.

Cremation is more affordable than a traditional burial. In fact, it can cost from forty to fifty percent less than a burial. This is true because the lack of headstones, caskets, embalming and graves that can be quite expensive. Cremation urns cost only a fraction of the cost of caskets. It’s something to take into consideration.

Planning a funeral can be a complicated process, and deciding how to move the remains can be stressful. Our professional cremation services in NJ keeps the entire process simple. Also, there’s no concern about plots or dealing with extensive expenses as explained before. You decide where your loved one lives or scatter their ashes wherever they had requested.

Cremation is becoming more and more popular as people begin turning away from more traditional memorials. Those who have decided to cremate loved ones have enjoyed having their own memorials in locations and settings that would be true to the friends and families involved. Some choose to scatter their loved ones out to sea. Some bring them to a place around the globe that they genuinely loved. Then there are those that scatter remains in even lesser traditional ways (used in fireworks, scattered from a moving plane/helicopter.) The flexibility of cremation offers nearly limitless opportunity.

As the years go on, burial plots become less and less available. Which can be a stressful process for those dealing with the remains of their loved ones. With cremation, you don’t have to worry about having a spot to be buried in on having your family worry about burying you after passing. So, cremation frees you from the financial/political headache that can be the funeral and burial process.

Going along with the flexibility of cremation, you can have a memorial when you choose. You don’t have to rush the memorial service after a sudden passing. You’ll be able to schedule and have it at your own convenience to properly have respectful cremation services in NJ. People also like using some of the ash to place in precious pieces of jewelry so that they can be with the person they love always.

We hope this has made your decision easier, and we’ll be happy to address any further concerns you have about our cremation services.

For more information about our cremation services in NJ, contact Bergen Funeral Services today at (800) 262-7901.

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