Friday, October 30, 2015

Graveside Service in NJ

Death is never an easy thing. You’ve lost a loved one, now you have to plan the service. Instead of having the entire itinerary inside the funeral home, consider a graveside service in NJ. Bergen Funeral Services can assist you when making arrangements for graveside services as well as proper funeral arrangements. Our compassionate and attentive funeral staff is here to offer our services when you need them, whether pre planning a funeral or in immediate need.

A graveside service is a funeral that takes place outdoors, at the actual cemetery plot. We can schedule such a service for you in two different ways. Say you want to hold the entire funeral at the site, that’s an option. Or we can have a separate service at the plot after you and your guests leave the funeral home. Below are some of the reasons you may decide to send your loved one off with a graveside service in NJ.

Proper Memorial of Life

If you think about a funeral, it’s as much for family and friends as it is for the deceased. The funeral is meant to honor the dead, and give the surviving family and friends a chance to mourn and come together in remembrance. With an outdoor service, you can achieve a peaceful and honorable service how you'd like. You can structure everything about the memorial to suit how you wish to mourn.

Different Religious Expressions

No matter the religion or customs of the deceased and their funeral attendees, a graveside service is all-inclusive. The outdoor venue is less restrictive than a typical funeral parlor in its scope to allow for different religious expression. Call a preacher according to your denomination, or allow us to schedule one on your behalf. Either way, you can perform a graveside service in NJ according to your religious beliefs in nature’s venue.

Less Traveling Back and Forth

Often times, a funeral involves traveling from a church, temple, mosque, or other religious institution, to a funeral home and then to the grave site. This is a lot of moving for people in grief. With a graveside service in NJ, you can handle everything at one location. This makes the funeral easier for all who attend, as well as the grieving family.

While the deceased may be gone, their memory will live on. The funeral is the last way many will honor this memory, and a graveside service in NJ creates a memorable atmosphere outside the funeral home. A graveside service gives you the space and freedom to perform the funeral according to your beliefs.

For more information regarding graveside service in NJ, or for immediate need funeral services, please contact Bergen Funeral Services today at (800) 262-7901.

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