Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cremation Service in NJ

Contrary to what some people believe, cremation does not limit choices, but in fact, increases one’s options.Cremation is a long-standing tradition that is still very popular today. If you need a cremation service in NJ the Bergen Funeral Service is the place for you. Since the year of 1962, we at  Bergen Funeral Service NJ, are a proud to be, family-owned and operated funeral Service providing you with quality cremation services. Your cremation service options can be planned before or after the cremation process. The cremation ceremony can be simple and traditional or elaborate and personal.

At Bergen Funeral Service our funeral home is managed by licensed funeral directors who understand how important this day is to you, doing their best to create meaningful celebrations that truly honor your loved ones. whether you choose to scatter the remains in the place of your choice or have them buried in a traditional grave site as a final resting place, we at Bergen Funeral Service or here to guide you through the process with compassion, grace, and dignity.
For more information on our Cremation Service in NJ you can visit our website at www.bergenfuneral.com or give us a call today to speak with our understanding funeral staff at (800) 262-7901.

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