Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cremation Services in NJ

Are you looking for cremation services in NJ? For more than 50 years, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. has been providing exceptional and compassionate services to families during their time of need. At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., we are a leader in all aspects of the funeral industry. Our funeral staff are highly experienced in guiding families throughout the entire cremation arrangement process. We promise to keep you strong and help you choose the right type of cremation service for your loved one.

At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., we offer three types of cremation services in NJ including complete cremation service, immediate cremation service and direct cremation service. Each cremation service varies in when the cremation is performed and what type of funeral services are arranged. During a complete cremation service, a funeral service is arranged and is followed by a cremation. During an immediate cremation service, a memorial service follows the cremation. During a direct cremation service, funeral services are limited.

When you need cremation services in NJ, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is ready to help. Whether you choose an elaborate, simple, traditional, nontraditional or no funeral service at all, we will support your decision. We offer two memorialization options for cremated remains including scattering and traditional burial.

For more information on our cremation services in NJ, feel free to call Bergen Funeral Service Inc. today at 1-800-262-7901.

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