Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cremation Services in NJ

Do you need cremation services in NJ? If so, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. provides a variety of quality services to memorialize your loved one. At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., we are a family-owned and operated funeral company providing families with the compassion and respect needed during this difficult time. Whether you have decided to have your loved one cremated or you are following your loved one’s final wishes, our funeral home will provide you with an affordable and respectful cremation service of your choosing.

At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., we provide customers with several different types of cremation services in NJ including a direct cremation, a cremation with memorial services, a cremation with I.D. view and a cremation with full visitation. Each cremation service we offer has a set fee that includes local transfer of remains, a cremation container, securing necessary documents and more depending on the service you choose. Additional expenses include crematory fee, permit fee and death certificates.

Unlike what most people believe, cremation actually expands one’s options of how to be memorialized. At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., we offer both scattering and traditional burial. Scattering can be done within a natural environment, the sea or the stars. Traditional burial involves the burial of the urn on your family’s plot. From simple and traditional to elaborate and nontraditional, our funeral company will provide your loved one with the dignity they deserve.

For more information on our cremation services in NJ, feel free to call Bergen Funeral Service Inc. today at 1-800-262-7901.

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