Monday, August 4, 2014

Mortuary Shipping Information

At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., our family-owned and operated business provides dependable, competent and respectful international funeral transportation services as well as mortuary shipping information. As a known-shipper with airlines, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. fulfills several requirements to maintain this status. This policy ensures that funeral homes adhere to the strict security measures that come along with shipping human remains, whether it is the deceased’s body or the deceased’s cremated remains. It is our goal at Bergen Funeral Service Inc. to send the deceased to their final destination with great care and attention while providing you with accurate mortuary shipping information.

When a funeral home is going to ship a body from the U.S. to another country, the family of the deceased must provide the name of the funeral home that is located in the country the body is being shipped to, as well as communicate with the funeral home to make sure the funeral home is prepared to receive the body. The funeral directors must embalm the body in compliance with U.S. standards. The following should be included with the body being shipped: communicable disease affidavit, embalmers affidavit, two copies of the death certificate, the burial/transfer permit and authorization forms. At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., we will be sure to provide you with this necessary mortuary shipping information and take care of all of the technicalities involved in this difficult process.

In accordance with these and additional policies, Bergen Funeral Service Inc. is your source for any of your mortuary shipping information needs. Our funeral professionals can help you navigate through this extremely difficult time with as little confusion and anxiety as possible.

For more mortuary shipping information, call Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at 800-262-7901.

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