Friday, February 14, 2014

Mortuary Shipping Information

The Known Shipper Program is a service that allows funeral homes to ship human remains domestically and internationally. To become a known shipper, there are several requirements a funeral home needs to fulfill. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enlisted the program to ensure that funeral homes adhere to a strict set of security measures that come with shipping human remains.
Each airline and country may have different requirements for shipping remains but the general requirements are all the same and must be completed before the remains are shipped. All documents must be notarized and the deceased's passport must be shipped to the receiving funeral home.
Similar requirements need to be met if the remains of the deceased are cremated. The urn must be packed in a wooden crate and contain two copies of the death certificate, two copies of the cremation certificate, and the non-contraband affidavit.

A reliable funeral home needs to have a strict understanding of mortuary shipping to become a known shipper. Bergen Funeral Service has been a known shipper with the TSA since the implementation of the system. If you have any questions about mortuary shipping information or any of the mortuary services that we provide, please contact us and speak with one of our funeral directors today.

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